Google Goggles functions as a real time search feature through your phone’s camera. By taking a picture, and even just scanning through an area, you can get detailed information about everything from cars, clouds, paintings, products and more.

As long as a relative image is connected to what you scan or shoot on your camera phone, Google can find it in its database and relay back the information on what it has found to you. This can be helpful for finding out information about something instantly, on the go.

How to use Google Goggles

You can install Google Goggles on your Android phone at any time through the Google Play Store on your phone or online when connected to your computer.

Once installed, you can start using Google Goggles immediately so long as your camera is working and ready to go.

Open Google Goggles on your phone.


You will be greeted by its welcome screen, letting know you can learn more about Google Goggles by clicking Learn more. However, if you are ready to get started, click “Ok.”

Now, you will be introduced to the main screen of Google Goggles. Google Goggles is simple to use and easy to begin taking advantage of.

Google Goggles has two primary modes: Snapshot and Continuous. Snapshot lets you take individual pictures for Google to look for whereas the Continuous mode lets Google take snapshots for you as you use your camera to focus on object to object.

Before we starting taking pictures, click your “Options” button on your Android phone to open up Google Goggles settings.


Once opened, you can enable your Search History and Search from camera to take advantage of Continuous mode. You can also opt to save pictures Google Goggles takes to your gallery for later use. You can also turn on text-to-speech so that Google Goggles will read aloud the results as it finds them in Continuous mode.

Now that you have tinkered with the settings, head back to the Google Goggles main screen.

We are going to start by taking individual pictures. So click “Snapshot.”

The first time you start taking pictures, Google Goggles will give you an idea of what types of pictures work best with the app. Keep this in mind as you are trying to take pictures to get the most out of the app.


Now, take your first picture. For this guide, we are going to take a close up of a bunch of Del Monte bananas from the local grocery store.

Google Goggles will scan, take the picture and offer to save it for later.


Then, it will link the image to search results it finds similar to it in Google.

In this case, the picture was taken too close to the object so while Del Monte products are being displayed, it is not connecting the image to what it actually is. From the search results, you can click on any link to learn more.

Head back to the main screen of Google Goggles.

Click “Continuous Mode.”


The first time you use Continuous mode, Google Goggles will give you a rundown of what it is. Click “Ok” to move forward.

Now, you can scan the room around you for images to capture without taking individual pictures. Google Goggles will then save the results for you to go back and check out later.


As you scan images around the room, you will see them populate the bottom of your phone and continue to add until you are finished.

Now, click “Configure Search History.”


Once finished, Google Goggles will remind you to enable your search history. This makes the Continuous mode work the best, so you should enable it if you are going to be using that feature often. Click “Ok” to move forward.

You will now browse through the pictures you took in Continuous mode similar to how you did in Snapshot mode.

Google Goggles is a powerful tool that will allow you to get more information about the world around you. It just takes your camera, your network connection and some patience to track down what you need to know with your Android phone.

Is Google Goggles a good way to look at the world?

Google Goggles is still developing ways to take the information you point and shoot and relay it back to you. If you are looking for a way to find out more data on things around you, Google Goggles can be a way to do that. Even though the science behind it is not always accurate, Google is developing Goggles to be your all-in-one barcode, QR and real world scanner.

If you have not checked out Google Goggles, yet give it a try and let us know what you think. Let us know your weird search results as well as what you think Google could do to make it even better.


Download Google Goggles For Android.