Gmail is without a doubt one of the most popular web-based e-mail options available.  To top off all of the built-in features and ease-of-use Gmail has to offer, numerous browser add-ons are also available.  Some add-ons are geared towards specific tasks whereas others are little more general.

Power Inbox works with a bunch of different web apps to help you get a lot more out of what used to be a boring e-mail. Let’s take a look at how much better your e-mail inbox will look and function when you use Power Inbox.

Installing Power Inbox

Power Inbox is no different to install than any other Chrome extension. Head over to the Google Chrome Web store and add Power Inbox.


Once you do this, you’ll be taken to the Power Inbox homepage.  The homepage shall see a What’s next section and a couple of samples of what your e-mails will look like. The sample e-mails are actually pretty cool because it shows a before and after view of the emails. You know how boring e-mails from Twitter and Facebook are. Once you have Power Inbox Up and running, you’ll notice a big difference in the way the e-mails look.

The first thing be asked to do is enter in an e-mail address. Doing this will add you to their mailing list.


Now you’re ready to open up an e-mail from any of the services Power Inbox works with.


What services work with Power Inbox?

Power Inbox works with many of the services and web applications that you currently using. Web services such as Twitter, Facebook, Groupon and many others will all show enhanced e-mails once you start using Power Inbox. Here is a short list of some of the popular applications you might be interested in.

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Groupon
  • LinkedIn
  • Followup.cc
  • YouTube
  • Amazon
  • Flickr
  • Hulu
  • and Vimeo

What a Power Inbox looks like

When you get an e-mail from a service like Hulu, There’ll be a box at the bottom of the e-mail showing a preview of the videos being talked about in the email.


Other services such as Instagram and Facebook will allow you to interact with the update you are getting the email about. This is great because you won’t be distracted by having to go to the site to like a picture or respond to a status update.


For services like Groupon, you will see more information about the deal without needing to go to the site. If you’re unfamiliar with a site like Groupon, there needs to be a certain amount of deals purchased before the deal is on.

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Final thought

Power Inbox is not one of those extensions for Chrome that adds a lot of functionality. What it does do is adds much-needed information to the emails allowing you to better decide how you want to deal with the email. Should you delete it? Is the email something you want to interact with or save it for later?

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