Android phones can do a lot. However, most of the functionality comes from downloaded apps. While there are a lot of free Android apps out there, some Android apps do still cost a few dollars. What happens if you don’t want to pay for an Android app but really like what it could do for you?

The answer: Find a free alternative.

Finding a free alternative to a paid Android app is what Antiroid is all about. In a nutshell, Antiroid takes popular apps and suggests a suitable free replacement.

Navigating Antiroid

Using Antiroid is pretty straight forward. The Antiroid homepage shows some featured paid Android applications and their free counterpart.


The left sidebar displays the same list of categories shown in the Google Play Store.


Picking a category will filter out unwanted applications and show a more refined list. Some of the categories are currently empty. Wallpapers and Widgets usually do not have many free replacements.


Downloading Free Android apps

By navigating through the categories or using the search bar, you should be able to find an application you’d like to download.


By clicking on the pairing of applications, you will be taken to a screen showing a description of the paid app.


Below the paid app is one or more free Android apps with similar features to the paid app.


To install the free Android app, click the install button. You will be taken to the Google Play Store to install the free Android app as you normally would.


What happens when there are no free apps available?

Sometimes you will come across a paid application with no free alternatives.


If this happens to you and you know there IS a similar free Android app, you can do everyone a solid favor and add it. Use the search bar to search for the known free app.


Click the green Add button to add the free Android app to the list.


From time-to-time, you will be searching for a free alternative to a paid Android app and come across a listing where the free app is NOT a good free alternative. When this happens, you can give the app a thumb down. The thumbs down will move the free Android app down the list letting others know the app is not what they are looking for.


Giving the app thumbs down requires you to login with your Google Account.


Final thoughts

Using Antidroid can save you a bunch of money when it comes to buying Android apps. When you need an Android application for a specific task and won’t use the app a bunch, it may be worth it to take a minute to search for a free alternative instead of shelling out the money, no questions asked.

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