Free Hard Drive Space - © TechNorms Today everyone who uses computers works with digital images, music and movies. These rich media files are generally large and before you know it, most of your hard drive is filled up and you have no idea where all the space has gone.

It usually takes a lot of digging in to find which files are taking up all the space on the hard drive and how can we create more space by removing the files that we don’t need anymore.

We have already seen WinDirStat a program that gives visual snapshot of your hard disk and lets you organize your hard drive.

Today we look at another useful utility that lets you analyze your hard drive space and perform file management actions like moving or deleting the files to create more space.

Disk Savvy – Installation and Usage:

DiskSavvy is a free, fast and easy-to-use disk space analyzer utility allowing one to analyze the used disk space in disks, network shares and NAS storage devices. It has a simple interface and its easy enough to use.

You can download it from the link provided below. The installation is simple and straight forward.

Main Window Interface for Disk Savvy:

Main Window - Disk Savvy - © TechNorms

When you first start the program, you can select the drive or folder you want to analyze. We selected the E Drive as it was almost filled up to the brim.

Lets see, what is taking up all the space on the drive. Just click on the analyze button to start the disk space analysis.

Disk Savvy - Scanning - © TechNorms

The Disk Savvy main GUI provides the user with the ability to analyze one or more disks or directories, classify, categorize and/or filter disk space analysis results, export disk space analysis reports to the HTML, text or Excel CSV formats, copy, move or delete specific files or directories and much more.

Classify Files - © TechNorms

Once the scan is complete you would see the folders and the amount of space they are using on the drive.

Finding The Type Of Content On Folders:

You can right-click on the folder and click on “Classify” see the type of files inside any folder(see the above screenshot). Once you click “Classify” you need to select a filter plugin to classify it according to your needs.

In the Free version the “Default File Classification Plugin” is the only option we get. Lets use it and see how it works.

File Classification - © TechNorms

With this classification, we can understand what kind of files are present in each folder as seen in the screenshot above.

Finding The Folder With Specific Types of Files:

We can also find out which “type” of files are present in which folders. Just right-click on the file type you need to find, and click on “Apply Selected filter”

Apply File Type Filter- © TechNorms

You would be shown the folder which contain the “RAR” files. This way you can easily zero in on the type of files anywhere on the disk.

Other way is to categorize by location or size or any one of the various other options present.

Categorize by Size - © TechNorms

This is another way to locate the type of file present on the drive. This goes a long way in locating the files we need to find, either for moving them to another location or for deleting.

The above classification by “Type” shows the following results. This makes it very easy to find the type of files we are looking for throughout the drive.

Classify By Type - Results - © TechNorms

Disk Savvy Options:

The free version of Disk Savvy has limited options. You can change the Interface looks or change how the program notifies you when it encounters errors.

Disk Savvy Options - © TechNorms

One of options lets you change or assign new keyboard shortcuts.

Disk Savvy Shortcuts Keyboard - © TechNorms

If you get used to this program to analyze your hard drive space, the shortcuts can speed up the speed of analysis.


Although we are a huge fan of WinDirStat for hard drive space management, Disk Savvy is just as fast and efficient as WinDirStat. Its classification filters makes it easier to use and helps us to pin point the type of target files.

If you are running out of hard disk space, this is a must have software for analyzing and freeing the space on your drive.

Download Disk Savvy From The Developers Website.