android-jelly-bean-os-project-butterAndroid is a fun OS, but it’s always had a nagging problem. Lag. It’s like a constant thorn in our side, perpetually taunting us with unresponsiveness and slow apps. Jelly Bean and Project Butter went a long way toward solving this issue, but what about all the other devices that aren’t on an official copy of Jelly Bean?

That’s where the Jar Power Tools comes in. It’s another creative hack from the guy who made the V6 SuperCharger, one of our favorite tweaks on Android. Jar Power Tools is a comprehensive modification designed to adjust a phone’s multitasking settings to allow for more speed or more apps. It’s a brilliant way to get a performance boost. We decided to take a dive and install it.


Jar Power Tools includes three major mod packs. First is Maximum Multitasking Mods for all devices on Froyo and newer. MMM allows you to enter Maximum Overdrive mode and run up to 70 apps at once (provided the phone’s RAM can hold them). There’s also the Time Killer Killer, which extends app lifespan from 30 minutes to 24 hours before automated death.

Conversely, you can use JellyISCream to change the phone’s multitasking settings the other way and run fewer apps at once. This usually results in a performance boost, albeit at the cost of running fewer apps.

The last modification included in Jar Power tools is used on HTC phones with Sense 4. HTC’s custom skin is known for its aggressive multitasking settings which only allow up to eight apps (half of stock Android’s limit of 15). Non-Sense App Limit increases that cap up to 50 (again, RAM permitting).

To go with the increased Sense app cap, there’s an improved Recent Apps panel to show you all those lovely apps in the phone’s memory.


Before doing anything, reboot into recovery and make a Nandroid backup.

The next step is to install the V6 SuperCharger. You can do that by looking at our previous guide.

After that, Jar Power Tools can be installed through the short way or the long way. Developer zeppelinrox has a great step-by-step guide here for users who aren’t on Windows and have to install the long way.

The short way, however, is much easier. Simply download the Windows Tool for Services.jar. Next, make sure you have the latest version of Java installed. Java can be downloaded from Oracle.

Once that’s verified, extract the Windows Tool to a new blank folder. The Tool is extremely helpful and does most of the steps automatically. Open JellyScreamPatcher and simply follow the instructions.

The Tool requires the phone to be connected to the PC with USB debugging enabled but mass storage disabled. Once the Tool finishes, don’t forget to reboot into recovery and wipe the cache and Dalvik cache.

Final Thoughts

We like Jar Power Tools. It’s a great hack that made our phone feel much faster. Lag vanished, animations were snappy, and the whole thing felt much smoother. No lag on an alpha build of CM10 is a hell of an achievement. We’d recommend this hack.

For any nagging questions or doubts, feel free to browse the original thread at XDA.