If you read news, RSS feeds, blogs and more on your Android device, are you using Google Currents? If not, you are missing out on a whole new way of reading just about anything online.

Google Currents allows you to read free publications through its app which is great in of itself but it also turns RSS feeds, blogs and other online sites into seamless, magazine-like layouts for you to read. This can turn your favorite website or blog into an even more readable place to be when you are on the go.

How to use Google Currents

After you download and install Google Currents on your Android phone, you get started by choosing which account you want to sync it to. This allows Google to store the details for you and load them quicker in some cases, especially when it comes to custom content.

If you already have a Google account synced to your phone, you can choose that or add one to sync to. You then will allow Google Currents permission to do so by clicking “Allow.”


Now, you will login to Google Currents and the main screen which you will see from now on when you login will populate for you.


Google Currents will display a few free publications for you to check out and begin reading.

However, we will take a look at its settings first. Click the “Options” button on your device.


A menu will pop up for you to work with. This menu will give you options to search for specific articles, manage your library, sync your library with your Google account, check out the settings and get help while using Google Currents. Click “Settings” to continue.

Google Currents has a handful of options for you to utilize when using its app. You can set which account to link Currents, too as well as show notifications for new articles, include images which can affect how quickly articles load and even choose to only download new content over Wi-Fi.

Once you have tinkered with the settings for Currents, head back to the main screen.

Now, click on an article. For this example, we will use The Daily Beast which comes default, pre-loaded with Currents when you start using it.


You will get a rundown now of what is going on with the publication. You can also select individual articles to begin reading. Click on any article to load it into Currents.

It will take a few seconds but your article will load and be ready to read.

Now, back at the main page for your publication, you can click the “Cheat Sheet.”



The Cheat Sheet gives you a complete overview of what is currently being highlighted by the publication. You can then click on an article and read as something catches your eye.

While Google Currents come with premade websites and blogs ready for you to read, you can also add your own even if they do not have a mobile-style layout. Click the “Magnifying Glass icon” from the top right of the main screen of Google Currents.




You can start by browsing through what Google Currents already offers by genre, you can also use the search feature to find a website or blog to add to it.

In this example, we will search for TechNorms.



Then, we can click “Add” to add it to Google Currents for your reading pleasure.



Now, when you head back to the main screen for Currents, you will see TechNorms added to its main page.

Click on “VikiTech.”


TechNorms’s blog will now load into a beautiful magazine-like read for you to go through post by post. You can click on any post, and it will then load for you to read at your leisure.

Google Currents is a great way to get more from a blog or website that may not utilize an effective mobile layout.

Does Google Currents change the way you read online?

Google Currents allows you to take an ordinary website or blog and turn it into an extraordinary read. When reading anything from a book to a newspaper to a website, it can make all the difference in what you get out of it by how it is laid out. By turning websites and blogs into something more aesthetically pleasing with Google Currents, you can enjoy a read even better than you did before using this Android app.


Download Google Currents.