Disposable e-mail addresses can help you fight spam, keep your identity secret and visit web sites you may not want others to know you are a part of. While managing one e-mail address can seem tedious to some, utilizing multiple e-mail addresses may seem like an even bigger hassle. However, if you encounter problems with spam or privacy, using disposable e-mail addresses can be a simple solution once you get used to the idea.

Our guide will show you how to create disposable e-mail addresses, how to protect your e-mail addresses and how to utilize the concept to keep your privacy.

How does a disposable email address actually work

Disposable e-mail address can be used several ways. For some users, they may want to use an e-mail address for contact with just one person. This means that they only use that account to communicate with a single person until that exchange is done; then, they can delete the account and start over with a new e-mail address when they pick up another person to talk to.

For others, you can use a disposable e-mail address for signing up for a specific web site. Let’s say you want to start looking for someone to date on a web site, like, but you do not want anybody to know it is you if they are using the site, too. Since many sites allow you to search by e-mail address nowadays, so by creating a disposable e-mail address to use at such a site, you can avoid being found by someone you know.

Another way to use disposable e-mail addresses is when checking out a mailing list for the first time. Since you never truly know what you are getting out of a mailing list, instead of them being able to track your primary e-mail address, you can use a disposable e-mail address to check them out. This allows you to see what type of content you are getting as well as how frequent they are sent to. This also allows your primary e-mail address to avoid being filled by a mailing list.

These are just some of the ways a disposable e-mail address comes in handy.

How to create a disposable e-mail address

There are several ways to create a disposable e-mail address: Specific disposable e-mail services, browser extensions and plain old e-mail providers.

Specific disposable mail services include providers that let you create an e-mail address for as little as 15 minutes to up to a month in most cases. These accounts are specifically created for disposable use which is why they have time limits on use. Some of these services require you to utilize a primary e-mail address but some do not.


Some examples of truly disposable e-mail address providers include:

Guerrilla Mail, 10 Minute Mail, MailNesia, Melt Mail and

Browser extensions, such as in Firefox and Chrome, can help you manage and utilize disposable e-mail addresses as well.

Many of the disposable e-mail address providers offer extensions that let you create new addresses on the fly and from the comfort of your browser. For some users who truly benefit from disposable e-mail addresses, this can be much more efficient than having to visit a site every time you need a new e-mail address.


Some examples of disposable e-mail extensions include:

Bloody Vikings, SpamControl and Yopmail

Now, if you do not feel comfortable using these disposable e-mail services and extensions, you can stick with the old reliable e-mail providers. You would go through the normal steps to set up an account, and while they may not offer the specific fixtures a disposable e-mail address provider may, they can offer reliability and functionality you are already familiar with. Most e-mail providers allow you to delete accounts, too but you do not regain access to the username for some time after.


Some examples of big name e-mail address providers include:

Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo

Is it really necessary to create a disposable email address?

One of the biggest reasons for using a disposable e-mail address is to ensure your privacy. If you use your primary e-mail address for everything, you give out a lot of information about yourself, such as your name, your location, your browser data and more. Since web sites, blogs and social networking sites often collect this data on you, they can then connect the dots when you go elsewhere through your registered e-mail address.

By utilizing disposable e-mail addresses you can keep your identity and data safe from prying eyes. While it may seem like a lot of work to use disposable e-mail addresses, they can offer an added level of protection when it comes to your identity. If you have not tried a disposable e-mail address, give one of the free services a shot and see how it works out for you. You may be surprised at how effective this technique is to protect your privacy.