Windows 8, so far, has proven to breathe new life into the aging Microsoft operating system platform. However, some of the complaints from users have come from trying to complete simple tasks from the start. In previous versions of Windows, it seemed much simpler to sign out, log off and shut down their computer. In Windows 8, it seems these take a little bit more work to accomplish.

TechNorms’s brief guide will show you how to quickly sign out and shut down Windows 8.

How to sign out and log off of Windows 8

Signing out of Windows 8 is easy to do from the Start screen.


Locate your login information and portrait at the top right of your screen.

Now, “Click” your portrait.


A drop down menu will appear where you can either lock or sign out of your Windows login.

This allows you to switch login accounts or simply lock your computer from prying eyes while you step away.

Signing out of Windows 8 is the simplest of all three tracks we will walk you through in this guide.

How to shut down Windows 8

In order to shut down Windows 8, you want to click on the Charms Bar icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.


This will open the Charms Bar for you where you can interact with several different Windows 8 areas.


It will also open some of the basic features that used to hang out in the task bar in previous versions of Windows.


Click on “Power.”


A small pop-up will appear that will let you sleep, shutdown or just restart your computer. You can choose which option you need and make it happen.

Why does Windows 8 make it seem more difficult to do basic tasks, like logging off and shutting down?

For some users in Windows 8, it seems some of the basic tasks are a little more difficult to figure out from the get-go. With every new operating system release, things change and are tweaked, and this is one of those things. Once you get the hang of how Windows 8 works, you will find things come more naturally especially when you discover things on your own. Hopefully, this guide will help alleviate any frustration on how to log off, sign out and shutdown Windows 8.