The Windows Store allows Windows 8 users to purchase apps to use right on their desktop similar to how mobile phones and tablets work. Since Windows 8’s goal is to run more fluidly, like a tablet, they have added app support to make this possible. The Windows Store offers a wide variety of apps ranging from games to productivity titles to more.

Our guide will show you how to get started with the Windows Store and how to start working with the apps you choose to install to use on Windows 8.

How to use the Windows Store

When you first install and login to Windows 8, the Windows Store will already be on your Metro screen. Click on “Store” to open it.


It will take a few seconds to open.

Once opened, you will be greeted by the Spotlight apps. These are apps Microsoft wants you to be aware of for a handful of reasons. You also will have access to the top paid apps, free apps and new releases.


Click “New releases.”


This will open the week’s new app releases for you to peruse and see if anything sparks an interest.

Now, click the “Back Arrow.”

Click “Top paid.”


This will give you a rundown of the top paid apps currently being sold on the Windows Store. The top paid apps also let you know what other users are utilizing and how popular they are so you can see what you should take a look at for your PC or tablet.

Once again, click the “Back Arrow.”

Then, click “Top free.”


Once more you will be given the opportunity to see the top free apps users are taking advantage of. Since these are free, you can download and install as you see fit.

If you click on any app, you will be taken to its app page. For this example, we clicked on Google Search.


On the left-hand side, you will quickly see the amount of ratings for the app, the permissions the app needs to install and some other additional information. You can also choose to install it from here.

On the right-hand side, you will be given an overview of what the app is all about along with some screenshots.


Click “Details.”


This will give you the latest breakdown of the technical details of the app, such as release notes for the most recent version.

Now, click “Reviews.”


This area will give you the reviews and rating for the app from other users. This can be useful to see how app functions, issues with it and even how much people enjoy it. Reviews can be a great way to know if you might like an app and if it is worth installing on your machine.


How to install and work with apps from the Windows Store

When you are ready to install an app from the Windows Store, click “Install” in the left-hand pane.


If you head back to Metro, you will see it installing on your screen where its live tile will be.


Once installed, you can click on the live tile to open the app.


The first time you open the new app, it will take a few extra seconds to configure itself. After that, it will be much quicker to open the apps you have installed.


Now, if you “right-click” on an app’s live tile, a checkmark will appear.


This will also open a menu bar at the bottom of your screen.


From here, you can work with a variety of options for that app, such as uninstalling it, making the live tile smaller and more depending on the app you installed.

How to update apps from the Window Store

The Window Store itself lets you know when updates are available for your apps by utilizing the live tile on Metro.


When you see a number in the bottom right-hand corner of the Windows Store live tile, that means x number of updates are available.

Click the “Windows Store live tile.”

(21) updating

In the top right hand corner of Windows Store, you will see an Updates link has become live. Click on it.


This will open the App updates area of the Window Store and show you what updates are available.


When you click on an update, or multiple, a menu bar will appear at the bottom of the screen allowing you to install. Click “Install” to continue.


Now, the app updates area will show you the installation process for each app until they are finished updating. You will then have immediate access to begin using the updated app.


Is the Windows Store a worthy addition to Windows 8?

Since Windows 8 wants to make using the operating system seamless for users, adding apps to the mix makes sense. More and more people in the world are turning to tablets and mobile devices to get their daily technology fix. By making Windows 8 more like a mobile device, this entices those users to give the new Windows a real try. The Windows Store helps make this vision for Windows 8 a reality.

Visit the Windows Store.