Choosing a password is never easy for a computer user. There is a lot of thought and consideration that must go into creating a secure password. Windows 8 makes it a little easier to create passwords by giving users the option to create a password, PIN or picture to login to their computer. By throwing PINs and pictures into the mix, this gives users a different way to secure a PC and ensure it is protected from prying eyes.

Our guide will show you how to create all three types of passwords in Windows 8. While you are going through this guide, be sure to check out our post on creating a secure password.

How to set up a password in Windows 8

In order to change your password at all in Windows 8, you need to head to settings.

Open the “Charms Bar.”


Click “Settings.”


Now, click “Change PC settings.”


Then, click “Users.”

You can change your sign-in options from here. You can choose the type of password you want, such as a regular text password, picture or PIN.


When you first set up Windows 8, chances are you set up a regular text password. If this is the case, you can change it from here.


Click “Change your password.”

You will be required to enter your current password, followed by your new password selection.


Then, click “Next.”

It will take a few seconds and Windows will let you know it was successful. The change will take place immediately, so the next time you need to use your Windows 8 password you need to remember to use your new one.

If you have selected a different type of password when you first installed or upgraded to Windows 8, you can go through the same steps to create a text password to use.


How to set up a PIN

In the same settings area, click “Create a PIN.”


Confirm your Windows password, then click “Ok.”


Now, enter a PIN number. It can be any combination of four digit numbers, similar to a debit card PIN.

When finished, click “Finish.”

You now will use your PIN when you log in and sign on with Windows.


How to set up a picture

From the same settings area, click “Create a picture password.”


You will need to confirm your current text password, then click “Ok.”


Then, you will be given a brief understanding of how a picture password works. Depending on your PC, it may be more difficult to create a picture password you can reliably recreate.

When you are ready to create a picture password, click “Choose picture.”


You can choose any picture on your PC to use as your password, simply select a picture.


Now, click “Open.”


Your picture will display on the right side of your screen, on the left you will be asked if the picture is being displayed the way you want it for the password. You can drag your picture to anywhere on the screen where you feel comfortable.

Click “Use this picture” to continue or click “Choose new picture” to select a different one to use.


Now, you can choose your gestures. You have three gestures to set up. These will be how you draw the picture as your password. If you use a mobile phone, this is similar to drawing your sign-in on your phone if you use it to lock your screen.

You will set your primary gesture, then your secondary and finally the last.

After setting them, Windows will prompt you to draw them to ensure you do not set up a password that you cannot draw again.


If you cannot draw it again, Windows will let you know. You can try again or opt out of creating a password picture.


If you can draw it again, Windows will let you know. You can click “Finish” to set it in stone.


What type of password is the best?

Windows 8 offers a variety of ways you can pick a “password.” Whether you choose a more traditional text password or a PIN or a picture, you are in complete control over how you use your password. You always want to create a secure password and with more options, you can do that better than ever in Windows 8.