Windows Tools - © TechNorms We have previously written a detailed tutorial about How to Create Elevated Shortcuts For Trusted Programs To bypass UAC. The tutorial guides you through a process to allow specific trusted programs to start-up straight away without the UAC prompt popping up.

Although the process described in the above tutorial gives a greater control to the user, it takes a bit of time to implement and the computer savvy readers are the ones who are more comfortable with this process.

For guys who just want a one click solution to allow trusted programs to bypass the UAC prompt, UAC Trust Shortcut is the best bet.

UAC Trust Shortcut In action:

UAC Trust Shortcut as the name indicates is a handy application specially designed to help you make “elevated”  shortcuts for specific programs. The tool allows you to tell UAC which programs you do not want a prompt for.

Basically this would help you create your UAC whitelist for programs that won’t be stopped by UAC from running and it makes the process simple.

Once you download (link below) and install UAC Trust Shortcut, you can get access to it via the Start Menu. Click on the Program icon to fire it up.

Start UAC Trust Shortcut - © TechNorms

Once you start the program the Main program window starts up.

UAC Trust Shortcut Main Window - © TechNorms

Initially the input fields that allow us to create a shortcut are grayed out.

Before we create a shortcut for a program we must first click on “Add Another Program” button, to get UAC permission for this program to make the required changes.

When the UAC prompt comes up, click on “Yes”.

After clicking on “Yes” we can now easily create a shortcut for any program , which will automatically bypass the UAC prompt.

Create an Elevated Shortcut for any Program to Bypass UAC Prompt:

Create UAC Shortcut - © TechNorms

Now you can just input the name of any program in the “Name” field and click on “Browse” to select the exe file of the program from its installed location.

Once you have selected the correct program, just click on “Add Now” and a new shortcut would be created on the desktop.

In the example above we have created a shortcut for CCleaner and selected the CCleaner.exe file, which would bypass the UAC prompt.

Elevated Shortcut - © TechNorms

When you click on this shortcut, the you would not see the “UAC” prompt pop-up every time you start it up. Saves both time and frustration.


This freeware utility allows us to easily let the programs we trust bypass the UAC check, by creating elevated shortcuts for those programs.This programs works well both on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Its a one click process and is ideal for users who would like the ability to create elevated shortcuts quickly for any programs they need.

Download UAC Trust Shortcut.