When you set up online accounts, you are often asked to set up security questions. These questions are basic, such as what was the name of your first dog, but they can be a powerful deterrent if someone gets a hold of your username and password. If they do not know the answers to your security questions, they still cannot gain access to anything from your e-mail accounts, your banking data and more. Online security questions are an important part of the overall process to protecting your identity online.

Our guide will show you how to use online security questions to help protect yourself.


What are online security questions?

Not all websites offer online security questions when you sign up for an account. While more and more sites and services are, it is important to understand why they do this.

These security questions offer an additional level of security when signing up for an account. You will need a username, a password and a security question to log in, to restore your password and more. This means that more information is necessary for a hacker to actually gain access to your accounts online. Why would you not utilize online security questions to help protect your identity?

Online security questions come in a variety of formats. Sometimes you can even create your own. When it comes to these security questions, you want it to be something someone cannot guess. This seems silly, but if your first pet was named Spot or your middle name is Ann, these can be quickly guessed by hackers.


How should you choose online security questions

When a website uses security questions, they either utilize a set of predefined questions or allow you to create your own. Whenever you have the option to create your own question, you should choose it. This way you can create a question that is even harder to crack should your information fall into the wrong hands.


When you first set up security questions, go through each question and decide which ones would be easy to crack. Anything that has to do with available information should be avoided, such as street names, pets, and names. This is all information someone could find out if they tried hard enough using the Internet.


When you create your own question, come up with something you would know but that would not be easy to find out about you. Be creative. You can definitely create a more secure account by choosing to write your own security question and answer this way.


Can the right online security questions give up your identity?

If you do not take security questions seriously, they can give up your identity. When you pick easy questions, something people can guess, you give them access to your online accounts. Only by taking control of your security questions and choosing wisely, can you truly protect yourself from have your online accounts hijacked.