Youtube - TechNorms We have previously seen, how to scrobble tracks from VLC to We have also seen how to use Google Chrome as a music player with Today we look at another major online media site – YouTube and how we can scrobble music tracks from there to is an excellent way to keep track of your as well as your friends music listening habits as well as track the music you have listened over a time. It also is a great place to discover new music and keep up with the latest music related trends.

YouTube which is the largest video site on the internet, has an extensive collection of Video songs. Many artists have their own YouTube channels. So it makes good sense to have the ability to scrobble the tracks you listen on YouTube to your profile.

Enable YouTube to Scrobbling:

Firefox   Greasemonkey - © TechNorms What does scrobbling mean exactly?

“Audio Scrobbling,” as defined by, is the act of submitting to a central database the details of what songs you’ve been listening to (what album, by who and when you listened).

It’s really great to track your listening habits over a long time period, the number of songs you’ve listened to as well as the number of minutes.

Several media players allow you to scrobble songs directly to Lets now see how we can scrobble songs from YouTube to

Requirements: Firefox and Greasemonkey Firefox Addon.

We need the Firefox browser to allow us to scrobble tracks from YouTube to, since this is made possible by the use of Greasemonkey Firefox addon.

Step 1 – Install the Greasemonkey addon for Firefox. You can install it here.

Step 2- After installing the Greasemonkey addon, you need to install the youscrobble userscript which would let you scrobble the tracks you listen to on YouTube to you account.

That’s it. Now we are good to go.

Once the userscript is installed you would see new “Scrobble” button on the top of YouTube website.

Scrobble Option At Top Right - © TechNorms

Now before you can scrobble the tracks you need to sign into your account. Just click on the button and sign in. Login Option - © TechNorms

Once you are logged in, just click on the scrobble button and the track would be scrobbled to You have the option to change the name of the artist, album and song.

Scrobble To - © TechNorms

Once you make the changes and click on scrobble, you would see a confirmation of the scrobble being done.

Scobbling Confirmation - © TechNorms

You would immediately see the changes in your Profile. It doesn’t take more than a minute for changes to take effect.

Scrobble Shows up On - © TechNorms

These is also a set limitation before you can scrobble another track, to avoid artificially inflating the play count on profile.

Any new tracks you are listening to, would be scrobbled only after a specified time limit.

Scrobbling in Queue - © TechNorms


This option is great for guys who love to watch music videos and with this method they can track their music listening habits directly from YouTube.

Although this is a very useful method, its limitation is that you need to scrobble tracks manually. However, that is a good thing, since YouTube isn’t limited to music videos and you Do not want to scrobble a parody or trailer from YouTube to your profile.

Hope some of you find this method useful.