The Windows Activity Monitor, or Wamon, is a way to monitor just about everything you do online. You can see activity, program use, processes running in background and more. This can be useful to monitor what you do, what your children do or even what employees do on your computers. Wamon can be used on your computer or you can even view activity on another computer.

This guide will show you how to get started with Wamon.


How to use Wamon

The download and installation of Wamon is easy.

Once installed, it automatically begins running in the background.

In order to access statistics, navigate to “” in your web browser.


Now, at the top, click “Settings.”


This allows you to set a password for gaining access to Wamon’s statistics. This is important to keep prying eyes away from what you are looking for.

You can also allow remote access to Wamon, change the language and determine the amount of time to keep its history.

Click “Save” to save any changes you make.

Then, click “Statistics.”


This is the main screen for Wamon. This lets you see a breakdown of activity going on as well as what the latest activity is, in this case, it is us working on this specific article in Microsoft Office. The more activity you track, the longer Wamon runs, the more statistics you will have access to.

You can search through periods of time as well as users logged on to the computer in question, too.

Now, click “Groups.”


You can set up process groups here to let you see information more concisely. This also allows you to go through specific dates for your groups to see specific information in the activity logs.

Then, click “Timesheet.”


This area lets you see how long users are spending on particular tasks, such as browsing the web, playing a game or other activities. You can also search through this by date, users and even by program or process.

Finally, click “Processes.”


You can add Windows processes running in the background to track here. Simply type in a process, click “Save.”


Now, it will appear in this area for you to see how much it is actually being used.


If you refresh the page, it will update the results for you to keep up on.

Click “Statistics” one more time.

As you can see, by the end of this post, we have already started tracking more activity in Windows through Wamon.


How can Wamon help you keep track of what is going on with your computer?

Wamon is a simple and powerful tool to monitor activity usage on a computer. Whether you use it for personal or professional use, this basic tool can help you see exactly what people are wasting their time on when working on a computer. If you are looking for a quick way to see how productive you or other people are on a computer, Wamon can help you do just that.

Download Wamon.