Advanced SystemCare is an all-in-one solution for those looking to eliminate Internet activity as well as keep their system in check from the threats of being online in the world. Advanced SystemCare is a perfect solution for those looking to monitor, eliminate and protect a computer from threats.

TechNorms’s guide will show you how to use Advanced SystemCare.

How to get started with Advanced SystemCare

After downloading and installing Advanced SystemCare, you will be given a brief tutorial to walk through what the program offers your computer.

Then, you will be redirected to the main screen.


At the top of Advanced SystemCare, you will see a toolbar.

You can switch back and forth between simplified and expert mode. For most users, stick with a simplified mode.

To the right of those options, you will see the ability to refresh the program for the latest.

You will also see a t-shirt icon, click on it.


This will open the Rescue Center. From here, you can create a system restore image for your computer as well as restore your computer from said image.

Now, click the “Table Icon.”


This will open the settings for Advanced SystemCare. There are a lot of settings to go through and once you get more familiar with the program, you can go through one by one.

The Table Icon will open the user interface settings where you can change the language, transparency, and skin.

Click “General Settings.”


These are just the basic settings for Advanced SystemCare, such as context menu items, minimizing the program and enabling the performance manager.

Now, click “Care.”


These settings let you tinker with how Advanced SystemCare works with malware, the registry and more. Again, leave these as is until you are more comfortable with the software.

Then, click “Automatic Service.”


This allows you to set up automatic scans and performance boosters in the background when you are away from your computer.

When working with settings, remember to click “Apply” when finished to save your changes.

Finally, head back to the main screen of Advanced SystemCare.

How to use Advanced SystemCare

From the main screen, click “Virus Scan.”


Advanced SystemCare will begin searching your system for viruses, malware, spyware and more. It can take some time as it is a complete system scan, so let the program do the work for you.


When finished, Advanced SystemCare will let you know if any threats were found. If not, you are in the clear. If it found threats, you can have them automatically repaired or go through one by one to fix them.

Click “Back.”

Now, click “Care.”


This is where Advanced SystemCare shines. The program will scan your registry, your temporary files, just about everything to clean up and protect your data.


You can skip any section you want but if this is your first time running Advanced SystemCare, you want to run it through every area possible to get the most out of that first scan.


When this scan is finished, Advanced SystemCare will alert you to a number of problems it found, give you an idea of what it thinks of key areas of your system as well as the ability to repair your system.

Click “Repair” to begin repairing issues.


One by one, each section will be repaired and optimized by Advanced SystemCare to boost your system and get the most out of your computer as well as secure your data and privacy online.


Advanced SystemCare will give you a rundown on what it did for your computer.

What does Advanced SystemCare do that similar titles do not do?

Advanced SystemCare offers built-in virus protection and cleanup utilities. Most programs do not offer both and this makes Advanced SystemCare an overall better utility than using more than one program to keep your system clean. While some folks find that a better alternative, for those looking for an all-in-one utility, Advanced SystemCare may be right for you.

Download Advanced SystemCare.