Have you ever wondered just how much Internet you are using? Or have fast your Internet speed is? While you can use browser-based web apps to do just that, you can also install NetWorx to give you a much more detailed analysis of just what you are using when it comes to your Internet service online.

This guide will show you how to use NetWorx to monitor your speed, bandwidth and other areas of Internet usage.


How to setup NetWorx

After downloading and installing NetWorx, you will be prompted to enable taskbar integration.


Click “Next” to move onto to setting up NetWorx.


First, choose your language, then click “Next.”


Choose what connections you want NetWorx to monitor. For maximum efficiency, you want to monitor all connections. Click “Next” once more.


Now, NetWorx is ready to go!

You can find NetWorx waiting for you in your taskbar.


Right-click on the icon to get started.


How to use NetWorx

At the top of NetWorx’s main screen, you will see a variety of toolbar options. We will start with those.


Click “Users.”


Once you set up monitoring specific users, you can either look at total statistics this way or individual users. This can be an easy way to see if a particular user or not is the one eating away system resources.

Next, click “Display.”


This will let you sort through displays, such as hours, peak, non-peak and showing charts.

Then, click the “Per Day” tab.


This will give you monitored results on a per day basis. It will show you received sent and total amount used as well as what type of connection is being used. You can also see the results in the graph.

This will apply to choosing Per Day, Per Week and Per Month as well. Now, click “Export” from the top toolbar.


This will allow you to save an export of the data for use later. You can name the export then click Save.

Click “Backup” from the top toolbar.


You can also save backups of the logs to view later or to restore from if necessary.

In order to restore a backup, you would click “Restore” then open the backup you made.


Now, click “At a Glance.”


This gives you a brief look at the overall Internet usage on your computer, breaking it down by a user.

Click “Custom.”


This will let you go through a date range of usage so you can track down a specific day or period to look at.

Then, click “Dial-up Sessions.”


If you still use dial-up in any capacity, you can view sessions here. This will monitor specific sessions, so each time you connect over dial-up, you will get a new read on what is being used network-wise.

Now, click “Hourly Rates.”


This will give you a breakdown of the average usage on your network. Once you have more data, such as a few week’s worth, you will get more use out of this area of NetWorx.

If you ever want to reset your statistics for whatever reason, click “Reset” on the top menu.


A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm the reset. Click “Yes” to do so.

If you ever need a help with NetWorx, you can click Help to take you to NetWorx’s web site to get more information on the program.


What good is a program like NetWorx to monitor speed, bandwidth and more on a computer?

NetWorx allows users to monitor bandwidth and network usage. While this may not seem like the biggest deal to most Internet users, if you are using multiple computers in a home connected to the web, you can run out of bandwidth with your Internet Service Provider (ISP.) This can cause your fees to raise, you could have your bandwidth limited and more penalties from your ISP. By monitoring your bandwidth, you can prevent issues with your ISP and narrow down who is eating up your Internet service.

Download NetWorx.