Having a cool desktop background is something a lot of people really want but dislike hunting down great images to use. Laziness strikes again! Well, what if there was a really easy way to find really awesome desktop wallpapers every day? MyDailyWallpaper is a lightweight app letting you download random images and apply them to your screen with almost no effort.

The process is really easy. The hardest part is deciding which categories you are interested in. I’m pretty sure you know what kinds of things you like to look at so this should be a piece of cake.

Getting the app

Head over to MyDailyWallpaper and download the folder with the EXE file in it.


Once you have the app installed and running, you should see a really colorful window to manage your new cornucopia of wallpapers.


You may be asked to download the new categories available.


When all of the updated categories are downloaded and ready, it’s time to make that desktop gorgeous. Let’s take a look at the interface.

Using MyDailyWallpaper

The colorful wallpaper management window is quite well laid out. What we’ll do is break it down into a few sections and explain how it works. First is the category section. This is the are where you will need to select the what types of images you’d like to see on your desktop.


When you are selecting the categories, you can scroll to see the different sections. All the way to the bottom, there is a part that’s clicked by default. It’s all of the image categories which may contain images NSFW. I’ll leave it up to you whether you want random nudity to be the background of your computer.


The next part of the manager is in the middle of the right side. These are the controls for how often the and when the wallpaper will change. You can choose to have MyDailyWallpaper start when Windows starts, have the wallpaper change every hour and to show a preview of the wallpaper before it’s installed.


The preview option is cool because you can see what you are getting into before the image is on your screen. If you like it, leave the preview be or click the Apply button. If not, click on the Download a new one button. With over 600,000 wallpapers, there should be something you’d like as your background.


To get you started, along with the bottom you can choose one of the random wallpapers.


Adding a wallpaper

When the wallpaper is added, you will see a little pop-up window telling you the category it’s from. the pop-up window goes away after a few seconds or you can click the X.


Another thing that happens when you add a background is, in the top right section on the manager window is the site the wallpaper came from.


In that same section is a button to download a new random wallpaper.



Overall this is a great way to get awesome looking images on your desktop and saves you from having to find sites and download the images. A balance between laziness and your love of a cool desktop background is finally achieved.

Download MyDailyWallpaper.