The MRU, or Most Recently Used, the list keeps track of just about everything you have ever opened in a program, browser or more. Most users do not even realize the exists, even when they use the list to open common files and folders. This list can grow and can be used to see just what you have been up to on a computer. By cleaning up this list, you can avoid others from finding documents you have recently used but you can also clear up memory space to make programs, Windows, and other background processes run faster.

TechNorms’s guide will show you how to use MRU-Blaster.

How to use MRU-Blaster

Download and install MRU-Blaster from Brightfort’s website.

During the installation process, you will be asked if you want to place MRU-Blaster in the Startup folder. This will start MRU-Blaster with Windows which is what we call a silent scan and clean.


Now, from the main screen of MRU-Blaster, you can learn a little bit more about Brightfort and the program by clicking About/FAQ.


Click “Settings” to get started.


You can choose what areas of Windows will be scanned for MRUs. This includes the Office Suite, IE, Google history and more. Go through each one and choose which ones you want to clean up. For maximum efficiency, you want to check each and every one available.

MRU-Blaster also can be utilized with a few Internet Explorer-based plugins.

Click “Go to Plugins.”


These plugins include Cookie Blaster and IE Temporary Internet File Cleaner. Cookie Blaster allows MRU-Blaster to eliminate cookies from IE through the use of the program as opposed to doing it the old fashioned way in IE itself. IE Temporary Internet File Cleaner also helps delete temp files in a two shred process to truly eliminate your Internet history.

Now, click “Back to Main Menu” and click “Scan.”


MRU-Blaster will take a couple seconds to scan. When finished, it will show you how many MRU lists it found and how many items it found, too.

Click “Show Results” to give you a more detailed list of MRUs on your system.


You can then go through each one and uncheck whatever you want to MRU-Blaster to ignore.

When ready, click “Clean Now” to delete your MRUs.


MRU-Blaster will let you know it has successfully deleted your MRUs from your computer.


Is MRU-Blaster really a way to hide information from other computer users?

Depending on what you are working on, hiding that information can help prevent others from seeing that. If you are working on something important or private, MRU-Blaster helps eliminate those traces from prying eyes. If you are looking for a way to remove traces of your activity from a computer, MRU-Blaster is one way to do just that.

Download MRU-Blaster.