Megaupload was shut down over a year ago and many wondered if a service quite like it would ever appear again. Those questions have been answered with founder Kim Dotcom’s MEGA cloud service. While Megaupload was targeted for letting users share anything and everything, including copyrighted materials worldwide, MEGA boasts that with its current encryption method, there is no way to tell what is being stored, shared and moved around.

Our guide will get you started with the budding MEGA.

How to get started with MEGA

If you want to see if the hype surrounding MEGA is worth it, head to


Click on “Register” in the top right corner to create a new account. Even if you used Megaupload in the past, you will still need to register for Everything for Megaupload was lost when it was shut down.


Enter in your name, e-mail address and choose a secure password. Read over the Terms of Service, then click “I agree” before clicking “Register.”

Now, log into your e-mail address and click the link in the confirmation e-mail from MEGA.


To finish confirming your account, enter your e-mail address and password, then click “Confirm.”


It will take a few minutes to create your privacy key. This is the big announcement that users want to try MEGA out for. This private key is only available to you and can only be shared by you. If you do not share it, then others – even MEGA themselves – cannot see what you have uploaded and shared through the site. This is meant to protect Kim Dotcom’s assets after his legal woes over Megaupload and to protect you if you choose to share through MEGA.

When finished, you will be directed to MEGA itself.

How to use MEGA


Click on “My account” from the top toolbar.


This will open your settings and account details. You can see how much space you are using and opt to buy into more storage with MEGA if you see fit.


You can also configure the transfer settings for your account. Depending on what you are uploading, who are sharing with and your Internet Service Provider, you will want to weak these as you see fit.

At the very bottom, you can see what your MEGA balance is and if you have any vouchers enter them in for free storage.


You can also track session history in MEGA to ensure your files and folders are only being accessed by those you see fit.

Now, click on “English” in the top toolbar.


You can translate MEGA into the language of your choice from here.

Then, click “Menu” to the right of the top toolbar.


This gives you access to a variety of information on MEGA, such as account perks, its blog and access to the privacy policy or Terms of Service.

Below the main toolbar for MEGA, you will see some options for creating folders and uploading. If you click “New folder,” you can enter a folder name and create a new one for your account.


Click “Folder Upload” next to it.


You can choose what folder you want to upload in its entirety.


This process can take some time, so sit back and let MEGA upload your files and folders within what you chose for you.

When the upload process has finished, you will have access to the contents to do as you see fit from MEGA.

Right-click on the folder you uploaded.


You will be given a handful of options to work with, including sharing and removing the folder.

Click “Get link.”


For the time being, folders can only be shared through e-mail. You will want to enter in who you want to share it with, how much access you want to give them, and then click “Grant access” to do so.

Now, click “File Upload” in the toolbar.


You want to track down the file you want to upload, then click “Ok.” This will start the upload process.

Then, right-click on the file you uploaded.

This will give you a variety of options to work with when it comes to that file, such as downloading it, renaming, moving or removing.

Click “Get link.”


This will open a pop-up that allows you to share a link to that file with someone else. You are warned about sharing your key as well as the prohibition of sharing copyrighted files.

What does the future hold for MEGA?

When it comes to Kim Dotcom and his ventures, such as MEGA, it seems we never know quite what to expect. While MEGA boasts powerful encryption that protects all involved, who knows what prying eyes around the world are waiting to try and break it. Governments, hackers and more siding against Dotcom could bring MEGA to a halt. Only time will tell if MEGA is truly a step forward for cloud-based services or it becomes another legal fireball like its predecessor.

Try MEGA today.