Surfing the Internet used to be safe. You used to not have to worry about viruses, malware, hackers and other threats that seem to come from every direction on the web nowadays. While most Internet users have a browser of preference, such as Internet Explorer or Chrome, others are looking for a way to browse more securely. While what you’re using now may seem like the best option, there are browsers out there designed to help secure your browsing experience.

Comodo offers two such browsers: Dragon and IceDragon. Comodo Dragon is based off the Chromium design behind Google Chrome and offers a secure browsing experience. Comodo IceDragon is based off the Mozilla Firefox engine and offers the same.

This guide will show you a little about both Dragon and IceDragon and how they help secure your browsing experience.

How to use Comodo Dragon

As we said, Comodo Dragon is based off the Chromium engine. Dragon offers exceptional speed, an easy to use UI and a variety of customized add-ons, plug-ins and themes.


Dragon works just like Chrome, so if you’re a fan of Chrome or are already using it, you will already have a feel for how it works. The settings, especially security, work the same way.


Comodo Dragon offers built-in support that Chrome does not, such as domain validation, works to stop cookies and other web beacons and helps prevent download tracking.

How to use Comodo IceDragon

Comodo IceDragon is developed around the Mozilla Firefox code engine. IceDragon is light on system resources, scans websites as you visit them for security and utilizes a variety of behind the scenes privacy measures. Dragon is completely compatible with Mozilla’s add-on database so you can customize it as you see fit.

During the installation process, you can utilize Comodo’s DNS service to help further track and protect your browsing experience. This works for Dragon and IceDragon.

(2) ice dragon set up

IceDragon will look and feel just like Firefox from the get go down to how the settings and inner workings are utilized.


Comodo IceDragon also has social media integration from the install, so you can access Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn securely from the browser itself.


IceDragon utilizes tweaks to the primary Mozilla engine that runs Firefox. This helps improve performance, using less memory. It also helps increase security using Comodo’s tested techniques to prevent viruses, hijacks and more.

Is it really necessary to surf the web on a secure browser?

In today’s day and age, anything you can do to make browsing a secure session is worth it. Software, add-ons, plug-ins and now browsers can help make the Internet more secure. While many users may find comfort in using Comodo’s browsers, especially since they mimic two of the most popular browsers in existence, you may believe you already have enough protection when surfing the web.

Depending on what you do day in and day out online, using a secure browser from Comodo may make some tasks – such as banking, paying bills and more – feel even more secure than you ever thought possible.