Have you ever wondered what follows you around online? Ghostery helps keep tabs on tags, beacons and web bugs. Do you even know what a web bug or beacon is? If you don’t, chances are you are probably being followed by them. Ghostery helps eliminate this invasive type of tracking and keep what you do online between you and your browser.

Ghostery is available for Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer, too. This guide will show you how to use it in Google Chrome.

How to get started with Ghostery

Head to Ghostery’s website and download it for your browser. The website will actually automatically detect your browser and highlight it for you.

Click on its install option.


Follow the install process to get Ghostery running in your browser.


Ghostery will redirect you to its walkthrough in a browser window.


Click the “right arrow” to move forward.


The first set of settings you’ll work with is to enable Ghost Rank. Ghost Rank ranks a page you are on in relation to its threat to tracking you. A lower rating is a safer site than a higher ranked one.

You can also keep Ghostery up to date by allowing for auto-updates. This keeps you protected each and every time Ghostery updates its library of threats.

Click the “right arrow” to proceed.


In addition to Ghost Rank on the Ghostery icon in your browser, it can also present a small pop-up in the upper right-hand corner of your browser to let you know what is tracking you.


Click the “right arrow” one more time.


Ghostery lets you choose what to block automatically when it’s installed in your browser. You can check each one as you see fit. You can also see how many entries Ghostery has for each category. For optimal protection, you want to enable all blocking with the extension.


Finally, Ghostery is ready to be used in your browser.

How Ghostery works

“Right-click” on the Ghostery icon in your browser.


A small pop-up will appear.

Ghostery will show you what it’s blocked on your behalf and where it comes from.

If you click the “Pause” button, it will stop blocking trackers on that website until you click it again.

Now, click the “Gears” icon.


This will open the settings you worked with when first starting to use Ghostery. You can change settings as you see fit by accessing them from here.

Then, click “Advanced.”


These give you display options for Ghostery to customize how it works within your browser visually. You can also change the auto-update settings here, too.

Head back to the pop-up that appears when you click on the Ghostery icon.

Click the “Question Mark.”


This will open Ghostery’s community. You can create threads, report problems and more here. You can interact with the developers behind Ghostery as well as other users. This can be a resourceful way to get help, stay on top of issues and more when it comes to protecting your privacy while browsing.

Now, whenever you’re browsing a website and you’re curious as to what’s following you around, you can click “More info” to see more information on what Ghostery knows on the threat.


This gives you the data you want on a threat and you can choose whether or not to allow the tracking to continue.

If you wanted to change tracking settings on individual items, click “Edit Blocking Options.”


You can then uncheck what Ghostery has blocked to allow it to do its work.

As you can see, Ghostery offers a great way to block tracking as well as learn more about it so you can understand just how this invades your privacy.


Ghostery for mobile phones

Ghostery is also available for the iOS mobile platform through the iTunes Store.


It works on the iPhone and iPad. This can help protect you while you surf the net on your mobile phone or tablet.


While many of us protect ourselves when we’re sitting in front of a computer, most of us forget we need to be just as vigilant on our mobile devices.


Can you really keep tabs with what is following you around online?

While Ghostery isn’t perfect, it does offer a level of security by letting you know what’s tracking you, helping you block it and giving you the education to help prevent tracking in the future. If you are looking for a way to block beacons, bugs and more, Ghostery is the solution for you.