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Find Coupons, Free Shipping and More With Honey for Chrome


Have you ever been shopping online and wondered if you were missing out on any deals that could save you money? With Honey for Chrome, you may never miss out again. Honey’s an extension for Chrome that helps apply savings, coupons, and discounts for a variety of websites. While the discounts don’t always work, Honey can make you lucky enough to save some costs here and there when shopping online.

TechNorms’s guide shows you how to get started with Honey for Chrome.

How to use Honey for Chrome

Head to Honey’s extension page in the Chrome Web Store.

Click “Add to Chrome.”


When the pop-up appears, click “Add.”


A few seconds later, Honey will be installed in Chrome. You can begin using it at once.


The first we tried out was Amazon.com.


As you can see, at the final checkout screen, there’s a button called Find savings.

Click on it.


A pop-up will appear from Honey going through ten of the most commonly used codes on Amazon for a variety of discounts from percents off, free shipping and promos.

In this case, Honey couldn’t find a discount for my particular order.


Click “Thanks anyway!” to finish with trying to find a discount.

Next, we headed to BestBuy.com


Once again, we used Honey by clicking “Find savings.”


Honey went through ten discounts to try and find savings.

We were hopeful because it looked like Best Buy’s website was applying discounts, but in the end, no discounts were actually applied.

We decided to give Honey one more try at CVS.com.


We clicked “Find savings” and crossed our fingers.

Unfortunately, we were also let down and could find no discounts for the three web sites we tried to use Honey with.

Is Honey for Chrome an effective way for finding the best deals online?

While this was a disappointment, going through the reviews and the reasons why discounts aren’t found, we believe Honey shows potential and could be useful under the right circumstances. If you’ve tried Honey or want to give it a shot, let us know how it worked for you and under what situations you found discounts to use.

Install Honey for Chrome.