Windows 8 introduced a brand new way to work with your new “Start Screen.” Long gone are the days of using your Start Menu to access anything under the sun in Windows. With Windows 8, you can utilize apps and live tiles that come with them to get more information as soon as you boot up your computer. Live tiles are apps that you can add to your Metro display that shows real-time information, such as news headlines, new YouTube videos, and the weather.

Our guide shows you how to get started with live tiles in Windows 8.


How to use Live Tiles in Windows 8

When you first turn on your computer, you’re welcomed into Windows 8 by the Modern UI. This is your new “Start Menu” so to speak.


Not every app, program or service you pin to your Modern UI is a live tile. A live tile is specifically a tile that offers interactive information to you, such as a news site that gives you the latest daily headlines.

In this case, this weather tile, you can see is a live tile. It can show you the local weather or whatever city you choose.

“Right-click” a tile.


As you can see, you have the option to turn the live tile feature off. If you don’t like how it looks or it seems to be slowing down your Windows 8 experience, you can click “Turn live tile off” to do so.

If you “Right-click” any other tile, such as something you pinned yourself, you will see a variety of other options. However, this particular tile is not a live one, as you’re given no options to let it interact with you.


Whenever you right-click on a tile, whether it’s live or not, you can click “All apps” in the bottom right corner of the toolbar that appears.


This opens up all the potential options for adding a tile to your Modern UI. Again, if you know what tiles are live, you can add them and take advantage of that additional information they offer.


As you can see from here, we have a couple live tiles working. One is our weather app, showing the current temperature and weather in Denver. The other is our Netflix app which shows what we’re currently watching with it.

How do Live Tiles make your experience easier in Windows 8?

Live tiles make Windows 8 and, even more, interact experience by giving a variety of information right in front of you. Since the Start Menu is no longer part of the Windows family, getting used to the Modern UI and taking advantage of it with live tiles and apps is the way to go. Live tiles give you a breadth of information, see what apps can give you the information you’re looking for.