Coming across a webpage with no images on it is like watching the news and having nothing but the good news reported, it just doesn’t happen. At some point, you are going to want to download images from a page for one reason or another. If the page has a lot of images, it could take a long time to click on the thumbnails, look at them and move onto the next one in the hopes you’ll like it enough to download.The Google Chrome extension img2tab will help open them all in one tab.

Using img2tab

Head over to the page in the Google Chrome Web store and download img2tab.


You won’t notice any real difference to the way your screen looks. To see  img2tab in action, you’ll need to right-click on a webpage. In the right-click contextual menu, you’ll see a new img2tab option. When you hover over it, you will see the choices to open the different tabs.


Using  img2tab

The first step in using img2tab is to find a page with a bunch of images on it or linking to a bunch of images. For this example, I’ll use a page showing some desktop wallpapers.


As mentioned above, you will need to right-click on a page. You will want to select Linked (single tab). What this will do is open all of the links and display them vertically in one page. I shrank the screen down to give you a better idea of the screen layout. If you’d like to see the page with the actual image in it, you can click the link above the image.


The other options

Some websites have a lot of images on them. The other options img2tab gives you to allow you to open all of the images exactly how they are shown on the page. This is the Actual option. If the images are full-sized, this is a good choice. However, most of the time img2tab will return a bunch of thumbnails with links. Not quite as useful.


Both Actual and Linked give you two choices, a single tab will open up all of the images in a single tab like mentioned above. If you choose the other option (labeled simply Actual or Linked), a pop-up window will tell you how many links will be opening up. What happens then is in a new browser window, you will have all of the images on the page open up in their own new tab.



An extension like img2tab is a great way to see all of the images on the page without all of the other content. There are some quirks though. if the site has an information bar across the top like Reddit does on their clicked links, you will need to get rid of the bar before the extension will see the linked images.

Download img2tab.

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