No matter where you go on the world wide web, you’re being tracked. Web sites, blogs, and advertisers have a vested interest in what you’re doing online and where you’re going. By tracking you, they can find out how long you stay on websites, what you do there and how that affects their own website, blog or advertising. By using the Chrome extension Collusion, you can see who’s tracking you and how that spirals out of control the longer you stay online.

Our guide shows you how to use Collusion for Chrome to get a better idea of who’s tracking you online.

How to use Collusion for Chrome

Head to Collusion for Chrome’s extension page in the Chrome Web Store.

After reading a little more about Collusion, click “Add to Chrome.”


When the pop-up appears, read over what Collusion can do once installed, and click “Add” to continue.


A few seconds later, Collusion will be installed and it’ll begin producing data on who’s tracking you.


Click on the Collusion icon to open it.


As you can see, Collusion is a simple tool to see who’s tracking you and how that tracking spreads as you begin to browse more and over time.

Whenever a new addition is made to the Collusion graph, the icon in Chrome will begin to light up and move around.

When you hover over any of the dots in the graph, you can see where that tracking began. As it branches out, you can see how tracking is added site to site. This will grow the longer you spend on a browsing session.


On the left of the graph, you can hide inactive sites, reset the graph and hide the tracking counter. However, if you want the most from Collusion, you want to keep all of this visible.


Collusion can also block known tracking sites in its database which is updated frequently. Click “Block known tracking sites” in the top right of Collusion to do so. You can unblock tracking at any time by clicking Unblock known tracking sites.

Collusion for Chrome is a simple way to see how tracking goes from area to area on the web and how it spreads like wildfire as you surf.

What good is an extension like Collusion?

Collusion gives you an idea of the websites that track you and where that tracking leads. While most Internet users don’t give a second thought to who’s tracking them, these trackers can get a hold of data about your browsing habits that you probably don’t want them to have. Using a simple add-on in Chrome like Collusion can help weed out and block tracking websites from following you around online.

Install Collusion for Chrome.