It seems no matter what you do online your privacy is in jeopardy. Even something as simple as searching Google, Yahoo or Bing can lead to you being tracked. DuckDuckGo is an alternative to the big name search engines that help keep your data private. DuckDuckGo does not track your searches, does not keep your searches on file and truly lets you search anonymously online.

Our guide will show you how to get started with DuckDuckGo and how it protects you unlike Google, Bing and the other search engines out there.

How to use DuckDuckGo

Head to


Search for something. In this example, we’ll search for “VikiTech.”


As you can see, results are displayed similar to how they are in other search engines with the most relevant at a top, social networks below and more.

Click the “More” button at the top of your screen.


This opens a variety of options, information and more about DuckDuckGo.

DuckDuckGo offers a community for users to get involved with if they appreciate and want to improve what it does. You can access those under the Community sub-header.

The Privacy sub-header gives you more detailed information on DuckDuckGo’s mission.

Click on “Settings.”


DuckDuckGo doesn’t let you create an account. After all, if they did that, it’d be information they’re storing on you which is what they’re trying to avoid.

However, they do let you save your settings to the cloud so you can access them anytime no matter where you use DuckDuckGo from.


You can alter settings relating to results, privacy, color, look and feel and layout. Once you’ve saved your settings, you can utilize the cloud to access them on the go.

At the bottom of the settings, you can save them anonymously through the cloud. You can also navigate to the settings to load them whenever you use DuckDuckGo to search.

Now, if you head back to your search results, you can see some more information on the right-hand side of them.

(5) more

You can offer feedback on DuckDuckGo as well as see a variety of search suggestions that might help narrow down your results.

You can also add DuckDuckGo to your browser.

Click “Add to Browser.”


DuckDuckGo will be added to your browser, as in this example with us using Chrome. DuckDuckGo’s browser plug-in is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari at the moment. Otherwise, you’ll need to use DuckDuckGo from its web search engine.

Once you’ve installed DuckDuckGo in your browser of choice, click on the icon.


You can search directly from the icon without navigating to the search engine itself. You can also add utilities to search from in DuckDuckGo, get lucky and more.

DuckDuckGo is a great alternative to the big name search engines who are dedicated to making search results better by using your personal information to do so.

Does DuckDuckGo really work?

DuckDuckGo does work because your information is not stored or tracked. When you use Google, Yahoo or Bing, these search engines keep your searches on files for years at a time whether you sign up for an account with them or not. DuckDuckGo doesn’t care about what you’re searching for, it just wants you to search without the worry that someone is keeping tabs on what you’re doing online.