If you’ve already upgraded to Windows 8, you’re using Internet Explorer 10 by default. However, if you’re using Windows 7, only the preview version of IE 10 is available for use. No word on when Microsoft will release IE 10 for Windows 7, yet or if it’ll even be compatible with Windows XP and other versions of the operating system. Most users won’t even realize IE 10 has been installed in Windows 7 until they automatically update it.

Some users may want to block the installation of IE 10, especially if they utilize earlier versions of IE to do certain things online. Microsoft has released a blocker toolkit for IE 10 to help those who wish not to upgrade the true ability to avoid it. By installing the blocker toolkit, you don’t have to worry about accidentally upgrading to IE 10 until you’re ready.

How to block IE 10 in Windows 7

If you want to block the automatic update to IE 10 in Windows 7, head to the Toolkit’s website from Microsoft.


Once there, click “Download.”

When it’s finished downloading, click on the installer.


Microsoft will give you lengthy license terms to installing the IE 10 Blocker Toolkit. Read through it, then click “Yes.”


You will want to choose a location to extract the files to.


Pick an easy location for the extraction.


Now, click on the “Start Menu.”


Then, click “All Programs.”


Click “Accessories.”


Finally, right-click “Command Prompt.”


Click “Run as administrator.”


With the Command Prompt up, type in the location of where you extracted the Toolkit files.

Then, type in:

ie10_blocker.cmd /B

Click “Enter.”


The Toolkit will then be installed to block automatic downloads of IE 10 on Windows 7. You can use this Toolkit on multiple computers for any reason necessary. You can still install IE 10 manually, this will just block the automatic update to IE 10 when it rolls out for Windows 7.

Is using IE 10 important in Windows 7?

There are a lot of reasons why you might not want to use Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 7. Change can be hard for computer users, and upgrading to IE 10 in Windows 7 can be a change that individuals, businesses and more just may not want to make without upgrading to Windows 8. Whatever the reason, Microsoft has made it possible to do so easily.

Download Internet Explorer 10 Automatic Update Blocker for Windows 7.