Doesn’t it seem like ads are taking over Facebook? I mean it’s like they are all over the place. Well what if there was an easy way to eliminate them from your view, is that something you’d be interested in? If you use are a Google Chrome or Firefox user, there is a simple script you can use to eliminate the ads and Facebook. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a really hard solution.

All it takes is a couple of downloads and will be logging into your Facebook account. This rundown will be assuming you are using either Google Chrome or the steps are pretty much the same with Firefox.

The downloads

Your web browser needs to run a script. You can do this by itself so there needs to be an extension or add-on installs to the browser to allow the script to run. With Google Chrome, you will need to install Tampermonkey.  Tapermonkey is the Chrome equivalent of Greasemonkey for Firefox.



Once you have the Google Chrome extension installed, you’ll want to head over and get the script. In the top right corner, you’ll see the option to download the Facebook Ad Remover script.


You’ll be asked where you want to install the script. Add it to Tampermonkey by clicking the OK the button.


Removing the ads from Facebook

Now that we have everything installed, it’s time to try it out. Head over to your Facebook account and login if you aren’t already. You should see something like this along with the right side of the window.


In the Google Chrome icon bar, you’ll see the Tampermonkey extension. To enable the script to remove Facebook ads, click on the icon. You should see Facebook Ad Remover. If this is not enabled, click it to enable it. You’ll know it’s enabled when the number to the left of it is green as shown below. To disable it, click it again.


When the script is enabled, what you’ll notice is the column to the right side of your Facebook account disappears. If you do not see any change, you should refresh your screen.


The section in the middle of your screen widens giving you a cleaner look. Here are a before and after shot of the home screen so you can get an idea of the overall look.

Before Facebook Ad Remover



After Facebook Ad Remover



When you are on Facebook a lot and really dislike the add some of the display to you, or simply just want less of a distraction running the Facebook Ad Remover script is right up your alley. Advertisers may be opposed to you blocking the ads they have worked hard to get in your Facebook sidebar, but oh well. You are there for the socializing, not the random ads. Right? I told you it wouldn’t be too hard.

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