Face Fudge - Photo Fun - © TechNormsMessing with photos and creating something funny using them is always so much fun.

It’s always good to have an app handy on any phone for some photo fun, since most of us primarily use phones for taking pictures.

Face Fudge is an awesome app to add some cool effects to any pictures right from your iPhone and share them with your friends.

Photo Morphing Made Easy On iPhone – Face Fudge:

Ever wondered how you’d look as a Victorian gentleman? Or as a hardened criminal? Or a 50’s geek?
Find out with FaceFudge!

Using Face Fudge is quite easy. Use the markers to make changes in the eyes and mouth – two most distinctive face features. Add more effects like making any picture a bit darker (tan anyone?) or blur the photo, if needed.

Fudge Any Photo on iPhone - © TechNorms

It’s a fun app that transforms your face into a variety of different guises at the click of a button – from mugshots and yearbook photos to ye olde victorians.

Take pictures of you and your friends and post the hilarious results on Facebook or Twitter!

Different Fudge Options - © TechNorms

Face Fudge Feature:

  • Use pictures from your photo library or the built-in camera.
  • Post the results to your Facebook and Twitter page.
  • Save or EMail the photo to your friends.

This App is free and you would get 6 free templates like the Victorian, Mug Shot and 50’s geek shown above. However, if you want more you can buy the template pack from the developers site.

Try it out – Download Face Fudge.