WinZip is one of the most popular and well-known file archiver and compressors for Windows. It offers a 45-day trial but can still be used beyond that in its basic functions which for the majority of users works just as well. WinZip has been around for what seems like forever; its first release was in the spring of 1991. Since then it has evolved into one of the best file archiver and compressors available for Windows.

Our guide will show you how to get started with WinZip and what you do with it from there is the sky’s limit.


How to use WinZip

After downloading and starting the installation for WinZip, you will be asked if you want to include the AVG Security Toolbar.


You can select which ones you want to install or ignore them all together.


Once you make those decisions, you can choose to opt into providing feedback for WinZip. This can help make it better.

When the installation is finished, you’ll be reminded that you can still use WinZip but on its evaluation version. Click “OK” to continue.


Now, click “Use Evaluation Version” to get started.


Whenever you open WinZip, you’ll be greeted by a tip about the program. This can help you learn about features, shortcuts and more. While you can change these tooltips from showing it, they can be beneficial for learning more about WinZip.


Click “Close.”


This is WinZip.

To start, click “Options.”


You have basic options to work within WinZip, for the most part, leave these alone.

Now, click “Copy to.”


You can archive and compress files or folders in WinZip and then share them to the cloud, such as Dropbox, SkyDrive or Google Drive.

By clicking “Share,” you can also share them to social media or the cloud. You can link your social media accounts to WinZip to use on demand.


Then, click “Backup.”


This allows you to create compressed backups of commonly used items, such as document or e-mail. This can be helpful to keep files safe from an issue on your computer.

Now, click “Tools.”


This gives you some added functionality to use in WinZip. You can create multi-part zip files, encoded files, encrypted files and even run diagnostics on files and folders if an issue arises. While these are more advanced features of WinZip, they eventually should be learned by all users.

Click “Settings.”


This area lets you set pre-defined options for creating archives. You can set the type of compression method, the size of archives and how they interact with social media accounts.

Now, click “View.”


This simply lets you change how files and folders are displayed within WinZip.

Click “Help.”


WinZip offers an extensive knowledge base and help files. This can be essential for users wanting to get the absolute most from WinZip.

Finally, click “Buy Now.”


If WinZip is right for you, you can opt to buy the full version and unlock all features after the trial is up.

Now, head back to the main screen for WinZip.

Click “Create.”

Then, “Add files.”

You can then select files and folders to add to WinZip.

WinZip will give you a breakdown of how they will be compressed as they are added to it. Click “OK” to continue.

(17) adding files

Now that you have added files, click “Share.”

Click on any of the networks, for this example, we’ll click Google Drive.

We’ll then be prompted to login to Google from WinZip.

(18) login

Once logged in, we can choose what zip to share. We can also rename it. When finished, click “OK.”

If you want to share the archive of social media, click “Share.” Then, click “Social media.”


You can then choose the network you want to share over, change the status message and then click “Share” to do share it.


WinZip also offers right-click functionality. Right-click on any item on your desktop.


You’ll see the WinZip option, click on it to open its sub-menu.


You can then add files, create compressed archives and even e-mail compressed items from this menu.

WinZip has amazing functionality and is a must have for those looking for maximum performance from an archiver and compression program.


What good is WinZip compared to other file archivers?

WinZip has been around the longest and has evolved in ways that make it one of the top file archiver and compression titles for Windows out there. If you’re looking for a way to get started with compression, WinZip is one of the ways to go. It offers easy functionality for beginners and can be learned in its most advanced ways. Give WinZip a try and see just what it can do for you and your files.

Download WinZip.