Have you ever been trying to watch a movie or play a game and it seems as if you’re computer is moving too slowly? You CTRL + ALT + DELETE to open the Windows Task Manager, and you can’t figure out why all of a sudden you’re running low on memory. If this is the case, we have two easy to use RAM optimizing tools that can help take control of the situation and give you back your memory.

How to use Free Ram Optimizer XP

Free Ram Optimizer XP is a utility from Acelogix. Download it from here.

After installing the Free Ram Optimizer XP, open it up.


As you can see, it’s easy to use. The first tab you’ll open is Optimization

Free Ram Optimizer XP uses an automatic optimization that lets it do the work after you set it up. If you ever want to disable it, you can from here.

You can see your lower limit of memory to run on as well as how much you want to free when it optimizes your memory.

You can also set up your manual memory optimization limits here, too.

Now, click “Startup.”


You can opt to have Free Ram Optimizer XP load with Windows and how much it optimizes as soon as the system loads.

Finally, click “About.”


This will give you a little bit more information about the program.

If Free Ram Optimizer XP is set up to automatically work, you don’t need to do anything. If you’re using it manually, you can access it from your taskbar.


Download Free Ram Optimizer XP.

How to use RAM Def XT

RAM Def XT is a utility from VSTEf Research and Development. Download it from here.

After installing RAM Def XT, open it up.


The first time you use it, RAM Def XT will ask you to customize its options. Click “Yes” to do so.


From here, you can make RAM Def XT work for your computer. You can set the refresh interval, the warning level when too much memory is being used and whether or not start the program when Windows loads.

Now, you’ll be introduced to the main screen of RAM Def XT. From here, you can click “Start” to optimize your memory and free some up based on your settings.


You can access it anytime from the system tray to free up memory.

Download RAM Def XT.

Is it time to upgrade your computer’s RAM?

Optimizing memory is not the only solution to improving your computer’s performance. While these two tools will help optimize and free up RAM, it’s not the only way to get more from your system. If you’re struggling to keep your computer from running slow, it may be time for a RAM upgrade. Check those specifications for your computer and see how much RAM is installed and how much can be installed. If you’re running low from when you bought the computer, it may be time for a much-needed upgrade.