Music fuels a lot of people’s day. Whether it’s making music or having something playing in the background, music is a big part of people’s lives. SoundCloud is a web app helping give everyone a way to create and share their music or to find a new sound to move them.

The SoundCloud app for Google Chrome is a mere shortcut to the SoundCloud web app. While these apps are just a quick access point, similar to a bookmark or favorite, they’re still super handy to have on your new tab screen. Let’s take a look at how SoundCloud works.

Installing Google Chrome App

Navigate to the Google Chrome web store and search for SoundCloud or click the download link below.


Once installed, you should see a new icon on your new tab page.


Click the new icon to be taken to SoundCloud. If you I don’t currently have an account, you can easily sell enough by logging in with your Facebook credentials. If you’d rather, you can use an email address and password.


Once signed in, you’ll see the main home screen.


I would recommend clicking the More button and looking for the keyboard shortcuts tab. This makes navigating SoundCloud a lot easier.


Using SoundCloud

For the musically unskilled, there’s lots of really cool podcasts and music to listen to for free. Start by looking through the different genres and seeing what you find. I like talk radio so I went right for the Business & Technology section. This is where a lot of technology podcasts are from many different sources.


The music categories are broken down into pretty typical genres.


If you want to see if a band you already know and like has songs on SoundCloud, simply use the search bar to find them.


If you DO have some musical talent, you can also upload your music to SoundCloud. This is a great way to showcase your talents to the world. Make sure you have confirmed your email address otherwise you will not be able to upload anything.


Once confirmed, you can upload upwards of two hours worth of audio. With a Pro account, you can add more.


Recording with SoundCloud

Say you want to record your own podcast, you can use SoundCloud to do that too. You will need to okay the Flash player to have access to your camera and microphone.


Once you grant access, all you have to do is hit the record button and SoundCloud will start to listen.


After your velvety voice has been recorded, you’ll need to add a bit of detail so people can find your recording.


Final words

A lot of people really like to make videos if themselves. If you are not too keen non-being in front of the camera but want to sing for the world to hear it or have something important to say, this is your chance. With two hours of free upload space, you’ll be able to work the bugs out of your routine and make a great recording.

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