Luxand Blink - © TechNorms While we write about security and privacy related software at TechNorms quite regularly, Luxand Blink! is by far the coolest of them all.

Luxand Blink! allows a PC equipped with a webcam to scan your face when you log into your Windows. Just look into your webcam and you’ll be logged into your account in the blink of an eye, without the need to type in the password.

Blink! employs advanced face recognition technologies to provide an automatic, quick and reliable login for one, or multiple, computer users. If it matches a previously saved template, it will allow you to login by facial recognition instead of a password. Blink! is a freeware from Luxand, who create face recognition and image editing software.

Luxand Blink! Installation and Configuration:

Installation is straightforward and during the installation process, you can configure your webcam to recognize your face for logging into your Windows OS.

You can click on options button to change the installation directory if needed.

Luxand Blink Setup

Once the installation completes, Blink offers you to configure the software to work with your webcam.

Luxand - Blink - Configuration- © TechNorms

Blink! detects the available Cameras on your computer.

Camera Selection - © TechNorms

When your camera is configured with the software, it would ask you to keep your face in focus of the camera for it to make a template of your face, for recognition during login process.

Face - Recognition - © TechNorms

Once your face is recognized, Blink! shows a confirmation window and asks you to input your Windows Account Password.

Face - Recognized - © TechNorms

Just input the password, click on “Finish” and the Blink! configuration is done.

Blink! provides additional security benefits by making it easier for you to automatically unlock your PCs by simply looking into a webcam. Stolen passwords are becoming less of an issue as Blink! photographs and timestamps you every time you login, whether you use a password or a biometric sign-in.

Keeping a Log of account logins helps identify hijacked accounts and can determine who logged in using stolen credentials.

Luxand Blink! In Action and Settings:

Advanced biometric identification algorithms used in Blink! enable it to adjust to changes in your personal appearance. Grow a beard or mustache, or shave it off. Use makeup or dye your hair. Wear or remove glasses or contact lenses – Blink! will recognize you and let you login to your PC, no matter what.

You would see Blink! window while you try to login to Windows the next time.

Face Recognition on Login Screen- © TechNorms

Blink! does not disable your password. If for some reason your face isn’t recognized, you can always use your password to login.


You can get access to Luxand Blink! settings by right clicking the system tray icons.

Face - Recognition - Login - Enabled - © TechNorms

You can disable Blink!, reconfigure your face recognition template and change the webcam used. You can also choose if Blink! stats when your computer starts up.

The history shows, if there were any login attempts while you were away.


Luxand Blink! makes the concept of security more “cool”, even more than biometric access. Not just this, it provides an extra layer of security and keeps a log of invalid logins that might have been attempted.

Luxand Blink! works with Windows Vista and Windows 7 and is available for both 32 bit and 64-bit versions.

Download Luxand Blink!

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