Hard drives have a lot of space these days. Because of the low cost of both physical and virtual space available, we tend to store everything and let’s face it, most of us are not all that organized. Having a way to search your entire computer for information helps a lot. Copernic is a complete desktop search application to help you find files, emails, and media to name a few possibilities.

Sorting through your Music library and My Documents folder just became a whole lot easier. Remember to label the documents or other items in a way that you’ll remember their name. Copernic associates several keywords with each file on your hard drive. So for example, if you search for Pink Floyd, you can look for just the word Pink and all of the items on your hard drive will be displayed.

Starting out with Copernic

When you arrive at the Copernic site, you’ll see a download button. This button takes you to CNET to download using their downloader.

Download Copernic


Part of the downloader will ask you if you’d like to install other software. Make sure to pay attention to the screens in the app downloader otherwise you’ll end up potentially installing additional software you don’t want. Once the downloader has completed downloading software to your computer, you’ll need to install Copernic. This process is pretty similar to what you’re used to. If you choose the custom installation, you’ll be given the choice of what you’d like Copernic to index. Indexing is cataloging everything that’s on your computer for easy retrieval.


After you run through a few steps in the installation wizard, you will need to let Copernic index your computer hard drive.  Depending on the size of your computer hard drive, it may take a while to index everything. The hard drive is only indexed when the computer is idle. You may want to let it sit overnight if you have a lot of stuff on your hard drive.


You will also be asked if you’d like to make Copernic Desktop Search your default search program for your desktop.


Using Copernic

Starting out using Copernic isn’t too bad once the hard drive has been indexed. At the top left, you’ll see a search box something like this. Enter the search term for the item you’d like to find and click the green arrow.


If you I want to narrow your search, you can uncheck the box next to any of the categories you do not want to search. This will make for a quicker search.


In this example, I searched for a music group. You’ll see in the main window, there will be search results for all of the music and my hard drive as well as web searches in the bottom section of the window.


Quickly switch between result types by clicking the type across the top of the search results window.


When you select a song, a preview player will be displayed in the bottom part of search results main screen. The same is true when you select a document or even preview the compressed files in a zip file.


Download Copernic


While the idea of a desktop search is nothing new, Copernic is really easy to use and fast indexing app to find anything on your computer hard drive. Other desktop search apps offer other features you may not need or want on your computer, Copernic is all search all the time.

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