When you get a new computer, do you dread spending the money on Microsoft Office just to open and edit a few Word documents a year?

If you do, Jarte Word Processor might be a great solution for your needs and your wallet. Jarte is compatible with Word and WordPad so you won’t need to worry about missing out on the formatting changes that can happen using other services.jarte-intro

Getting Started with Jarte Word Processor

Download Jarte from their website. You have a couple of choices, the regular install file or the zip file for using it as a portable app on a flash drive.


Once downloaded, you will need to run through the basic installation wizard.


About halfway through, they will ask you which spell checking dictionaries you will want to install. If you are not going to use Italian or Spanish, save the space and uncheck them.


The rest of the setup wizard is similar to what you should be used to. After the install process is done, Jarte opens to a blank screen.


Using Jarte

Starting from a clean slate like this, you will need to either open a pre-existing document or start typing a new document. Click the folder icon on the top left side of the window to find a document and open it.


The other choices in this part of the window are for organizing and editing. Look at the Change Case tab to find a feature to change the Case of the highlighted letters. You can type the whole paper in lower case, then use this feature to add all the upper case letters at the beginning of the sentences.


In the middle of the window, there are a few icons. These will let you change the view or what shows up in the window, the page and word count, manage the view and zoom in or out.


The right side of the window will give you a lot of other editing options. For a free word processor, there are a lot of powerful editing options.


When saving a document created in Jarte, you will have the option to save as a Rich Format or Plain Text. In most cases, you will use the Rich Format otherwise all of your bolding and other formatting will disappear. If you’d like to use Jarte as your default plain text editor, you will need to set it as the default app or open Jarte first and search for the document you’d like to open.

Final Word

Sometimes it is difficult to find a good solution for a basic need such as a basic Word document editor. Many are either too complicated or are much too feature deficient. Jarte is a great middle ground for light-weight document editing on a Windows machine or for use on a USB stick.

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