Have you ever clicked on a link to read a story you are interested in only to be asked to authorize an app on Facebook? Personally, I’m not a fan. While a lot of the apps are seeing how much we dislike this, some still make you sign up. Unsocialize will let you bypass the app request for most of the apps out there.

Here is what you will want to do when you are going through your Timeline and come across an article you’d like to read or a video you’d like to view and you are asked to authorize an app.

Using Unsocialize

You will need to head on over to the Google Chrome Web store and look for the Unsocialize extension. You will need to authorize the app to be installed.


Once installed, you should see a notification.


With Unsocialize there is no icon. You will need to use the right-click contextual menu to use Unsocialize. So let’s take a look at how to use Unsocialize. Head on over to Facebook and start looking through the feed on your Timeline. At some point, you are likely to come across someone sharing an article or video via an app. Most likely will find these articles and recommendations in the Ticker.


In some cases, you can simply click cancel and be taken to the article. If you cannot click cancel to read it, you can right-click on the original link in the ticker. Make sure to click on the View link or it won’t work. You will see a new option for Unsocialize.


When you do this, you will be taken right to the article bypassing the app request.


While testing this Google Chrome add-on, I found some of the app requests were blocked and others were not. Some were blocked and I was taken to the site then the app request popped up. Most of the situations where the app request came back or was not skipped, the cancel button allowed me to skip the request and go to the video.

In some cases, the add-ons like these can interfere with other add-on trying to do similar tasks.  If you are running a lot of different Facebook add-ons and are having problems, try to disable the add-ons one at a time and see which one or combination is causing the problems.

Final words

Add-ons like this are not always updated as fast as the apps or when Facebook makes a change. Some of the different apps out there may be more complicated to bypass than others. They are looking to get as many people signing up for their app or service as possible so they make it really difficult to bypass. Keep that in mind if there is an app Unsocialize doesn’t work with.

Download Unsocialize.

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