One of the biggest changes to Windows 8 is the use of Microsoft Accounts and being able to sync your settings, apps and more across PCs. By creating a Microsoft Account and using it, you can access your computer experience in Windows 8 anywhere by simply logging in.

Our guide will show you how to sync your settings in Windows 8 so you can use your Microsoft Account on other PCs.


How to sync your settings in Windows 8

Click the “Windows Key + C.”

Now, click “Settings.”

Then, click “Change PC settings.”


Once you open your PC settings, click on “Sync your settings.”


At the top, you’ll want to turn on the settings sync.

Ensure this is in the on position. This will turn on your settings and now they will sync whenever you make a change.


You can go through each and every type of setting to sync now and choose what to sync and what not to. For the most part, syncing everything will give you a complete experience when using Windows 8 on another computer. However, some settings may not be the safest to sync.

Next up, you can choose whether to sync over metered connections.


This can be turned off if you don’t want to use a HotSpot or otherwise limited connection which can save bandwidth and money.

It’s up to you which settings you sync, but as you see, Windows 8 gives you control over each and every one of them.


Is it worth syncing your settings and using a Microsoft Account?

If you find yourself floating between computers, syncing your settings through a Microsoft Account is the way to go. It makes it easier to utilize what you use on a daily basis, it allows you to restore your settings if something should happen to your OS and it lets you take control of Windows 8 no matter where you are.