using-donottrackme for Chrome

DoNotTrackMe is a popular browser add-on that lets you stay aware of what web sites are tracking you as well as blocking the most common trackers. DoNotTrackMe used to be known as DoNotTrackPlus and has been recognized by a variety of big name tech sites and newspapers. It is a great tool for preventing web sites from following you around and making note of what you do online.

Let’s take a look at DoNotTrackMe in Google Chrome.

How to use DoNotTrackMe

Head to DoNotTrackMe’s web site. Click on the “Free Download” link.

It will automatically detect your browser and prompt your install.

(2) add to chrome

Follow the instructions for your browser of choice.

(3) added to chrome

Once installed, you can go ahead and start using DoNotTrackMe.

If you left click on the DoNotTrackMe icon in your browser, you’ll have access to the main window for DoNotTrackMe.


You’re given a complete list of everything DoNotTrackMe can stop when you browser. You can go through each one individually and see just what’s blocked.

Now, head to a web site.


If the web site is not tracking you, you’ll be told that by DoNotTrackMe.


If you visit a web site that does track you, you’ll be told that, too.

Click the “Gear Icon” to open the settings.


You can customize DoNotTrackMe to your liking here.

You choose exactly what to block at every step of your Internet adventure. Simply ensure each tracker you want to block is turned on. You can change this at anytime and you can view allowed sites by clicking the button below the sites.


Now, if you head to a site you’ve blocked, you’ll see it warning you about it if you click on the DoNotTrackMe icon in your browser.


DoNotTrackMe gives you the power to block the most common trackers as well as see who is tracking you.

How helpful is DoNotTrackMe in preventing web sites from following you around the web?

DoNotTrackMe is an excellent way to block the most common trackers from the web. While it isn’t foolproof, it can give you an idea of what’s going on when you use web sites. When you’re aware of who’s tracking you and where you’re being tracked, you can take additional steps to prevent your privacy from being invaded online.

Install DoNotTrackMe