Whenever you sign up for a web site, blog or service, information about you is stored, analyzed and accessed with or without your permission. If your account is ever compromised, this information can be brought to the attention of strangers. If you use any Microsoft services, such as SkyDrive, Hotmail or others, Microsoft keeps all your information in one place that you can access to. However, most users have no clue this area exists.

Our guide will show you how to use the Microsoft Personal Data Dashboard and how to take control of the data they store on you.

How to Use the Microsoft Personal Data Dashboard

In order to login to the Microsoft Personal Data Dashboard, you want to head to your Windows Live login area.


Use your Microsoft account and password, then click “Sign in.”


You’ll be logged into your Microsoft account and introduced to a compilation of your Microsoft services data.

Click “My Data.”


This is where you can get a better idea of the information Microsoft has compiled on you from the various services you’ve used through them. While not all information is available, it will be added as Microsoft improves the dashboard.

You can go through your interests, your brands, your Bing searches and newsletters you’re signed up for through Microsoft.

Now, click “My Choices.”


This is where you can change what Microsoft does with your information in advertising and communications. Again, Microsoft will be adding more to this as time goes on.

Then, click “More Services.”


Microsoft will give you other service links for you to check out depending on what you’ve used from them in the past. You can login to each of these accounts to change your settings, data and more to protect yourself.

While the Microsoft Personal Data Dashboard is still a work in progress and can’t even compare to the Google Dashboard, it’s a start to giving you control over what Microsoft has on you and what it does with it.

Why Should You Monitor What Microsoft Does with Your Data?

Anytime you sign up for any web site or service, it stores information on you. Most users just walk away and never think about what happens to that data. Microsoft, Google and other web sites and services give users control over that data and you should definitely take advantage of any ability to control your information online. Microsoft’s Personal Data Dashboard is just one way to stay on top of your personal information.