Bookmarking is not all that effective when it comes to articles. Sure you can have a folder in your bookmark bar where you keep all of the stuff you want to read later, but these tend to get forgotten about. The ideal way is to use an app allowing you to save the URL and read it later when you have time from any other device. Pocket lets you do this.

The Pocket Google Chrome extension is the easiest way for Google Chrome users to save content to read later. If you like to save a lot of content for reading later on your mobile device, Pocket can be installed on a lot of devices.

Installing Pocket for Google Chrome

Head over to the Chrome Web Store and look for Pocket or click here. The install is quick and painless like most Chrome add-ons.


After the install, you’ll be taken to a welcome page so you can download other versions for other devices. You will also see a quick how-to.


Once you are all up and running, it’s time to find something you want to save for later. When you find something like something on this site, for example, press the Pocket icon in your Google Chrome icon bar at the top right of the window. If you are new to Pocket, you will need to create an account.


Once you are all logged in, you can easily save the URL for later by clicking on the Pocket icon in Google Chrome.


What next?

When you have some pages saved, you can go back to them at any time to read. When you are saving a lot of pages, you can tag them to find them easier later.


Another way to save a page to Pocket is by right-clicking. In the contextual menu, there is an option to Save to Pocket.


When you want to read an article from your computer, you can go the Pocket site and look in your queue. If you are on a mobile device, you can open the app on your mobile device and open it up.  Either way, you should see the same items.


At the bottom of the screen are options to sort the articles in in your queue. There are options to sort by tag if there is video or images, newest to oldest and more.


Once you mark an article as reading it’s archived. It doesn’t get deleted, just sent to your archive.


Final words

A pocket is a great middle ground for people who like to surf the web but don’t always have time to read every single article that comes across and bookmarking an article and forgetting about it. A pocket is not a social bookmarking site, it’s more of a holding area for articles of interest. One great use for Pocket that comes to mind is using it to help fight distraction. When you are working on something and come across an article or video you’d like to watch, simply save it to Pocket and keep working. You can always come back later and watch the video or read the article.

Download Pocket.

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