If you’ve been using Gmail lately, you may have noticed the opportunity to start using the new compose window. Gmail has often worked to streamline things and make them more like other services, so everything flows together. Gmail has undergone a lot of changes in the last few years and the addition of the new compose window is just another step to make Gmail look even better.

Let’s take a look at the new Gmail compose window.


Gmail’s new compose window look

If your Gmail account has been given access to the new compose window, a pop-up will appear letting you know. It’ll also give you the option to start using it.

Click “Try it now” to give the new compose window a look.


Now, click “Compose.”


A small pop-up will appear, similar to how to use you Google Talk or Google Voice through your Google account.

Another window will pop-up giving you a breakdown of what the new compose window looks like and where you can find things.

When you’re ready to start using it, click “Got It.”


The new compose window is fairly easy to use.

If you click the “Drop Down” menu, you will get a variety of extra features for sending your e-mail.


If you hover over the “Plus Sign,” you will be given the ability to add files, Drive items, emoticons, links and more.


If you start typing an e-mail address to send your e-mail to, it will try to auto-populate the address from previously used e-mail addresses. You can select the right one as needed.


You can also click the “X” to delete the e-mail address and enter a new one.


The new compose window in Gmail seeks to streamline the way everything looks throughout Google services.


What’s the future for the rest of Gmail’s look?

Gmail has continuously gone through a variety of changes over the last few years. Google has always wanted its experience for users to be the same across the board. By tinkering things, such as Gmail’s compose window, to look more of the same, it brings more conformity for Gmail and Google services no matter which ones you utilize on a daily basis.