Most jobs don’t like you using their computers to surf the web when it isn’t work related. The thing is, most people so it anyway. When the boss is coming and your heart is beating fast, you only have a few seconds to close down what you are looking at and open up a work appropriate page. PanicButton is a Google Chrome extension made to make this process fast and easy.

When you have one page open, you might be able to close it. But when you have several tabs open looking at your Facebook, Twitter and Gmail accounts, having one simple button to press to hide all of these and open up a designated page is your only choice. Let’s take a look at how PanicButton can save your job.

Starting out

Over at Chrome Web Store, look for the app PanicButton or click here to download it. You will see the normal pop-up window asking if you’d like to install the extension.


Using PanicButton

Once installed you will see the PanicButton logo in the Chrome icon bar. If you press the button, you will see all of your tabs disappear and the new tab page open. Pretty easy so far, right?


To make its little better, you can right-click on the PanicButton icon and select options.


In the Options menu, there are several options you might want to look at to make it a little more believable to your boss.


The first thing you will want to do is make sure the keyboard shortcut is enabled. This will let you hide the pages with a button press or combination of buttons. Make sure to set the shortcut to something you can remember and that isn’t used by another app.


Next, you might want to consider setting a password. The password will need to be entered to restore the hidden tabs.


Setting up a default page like the company website, your work web email or something like that as the Safe Page(s) will probably look better than a blank page or the Chrome new tab page. You can have several tabs if you choose. The custom page lets you put in the URL of your choice.


The last option can be a good choice to use as well. It lets you hide the PanicButton icon after you activate it. This means you will need to use the keyboard shortcut to make your hidden tabs reappear.


Final words

While there are add-ons out there like this to hide your tabs from the boss or whoever, it might be better to do your browsing and Facebooking on your own time. Many IT departments don’t like or allow add-ons on their computers so be careful.

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