Amazon’s Kindle is an amazing device not just because you can take it anywhere you go but Amazon has truly made the Kindle experience adaptable to no matter how you want to read. You can use the Kindle itself, use the Kindle Cloud Service to read on your phone or tablet, and now you can use the Windows 8 Kindle app to continue your favorites.

Amazon has made the Kindle easy to use in Windows 8, and we show you how to get started reading with it.

How to use the Kindle app in Windows 8

Open the Windows Store and search for Kindle.

You can read up on the Kindle app, what it does and what it has permission to do along with reviews from other users. When ready, click “Install” to start the installation process.


It’ll take just a few moments to install. You’ll be alerted when the Kindle app is ready to go in Windows 8.


Now, click on the “Kindle” live tile to get started with the Windows 8 app.


The Kindle app will give you a brief introduction to what the Kindle and store have to offer its users.

Click “Log in” if you have an account. If you don’t, you can click “Create Account” to create one and begin reading titles through the Kindle app.

To sign in, simply enter your username and password associated with your Kindle account. Click “Sign In.”


If you’re already using a Kindle, you’ll see your cloud-based items displayed for you to go through. You can also access what’s on your Kindle device if it’s synced to be in the cloud and you can also head to the Kindle Store.


Click “Device.”


In this case, we have nothing synced to the device that’s accessible in the app at the moment.

However, Kindle is ready for offline use which means if we disconnect from the Internet, we can still access what’s saved to the cloud for use in the app. This can be helpful to keep reading when you’re away from a web connection.

Now, click “Kindle Store.”


This will open the Kindle Store from in your default web browser. You will need to sign in again, but you can browse titles, make purchases and more.

Head back to the main screen of the Kindle app.

Right-click on any title.


At the bottom left of the app, you’ll be able to open, download and pin the book itself to your start screen.


Click “Open Book.”


It’ll take a few seconds to open the title on your computer.


As you can see, the Windows 8 Kindle app gives you a beautiful display to begin reading through your books, magazines, newspapers and more.


If you hover over the left or right sides of the publication, you can go through pages back and forth.

The Kindle Windows 8 app lets you take advantage of your favorite things to read when you’re on your computer as opposed to a mobile device.

How effective it is to use the Kindle app as opposed to your actual Kindle?

Despite the fact that the world is going mobile, not all of us have access to our devices wherever we are. The Kindle app for Windows 8 lets you take advantage of everything you do on your Kindle on your computer which can be a great way to keep up on your favorite books, magazines and more. If you have a Kindle and haven’t taken advantage of the Windows 8 app, take a look at what it can do for you.