Spiffy - Gmail - Notifications - © TechNorms Gmail is fast becoming the most popular web-based email service on the internet, since it is quite functional and offers a large number of features and storage capacity.

If you are one of the guys who would like to get desktop notifications about new emails, you could always use the Google Talk Messenger to get instant notifications. However, Google Talk has its limitations. It lets you get notifications from one email account at a time. You could also use the Gmail Notifier, but it too is limited to just one one email account at a time.

A lot of people prefer to keep their personal and work email accounts separate, and thus create more than one Gmail accounts. You can always use the new Gmail Multi Account Sign-In feature to check emails in the browser, but what about Desktop notifications.

What if we need to keep a tab on new emails from multiple accounts?

Spiffy – Get New Mail Alerts From 5 Gmail Accounts:

Spiffy is a simple email notification tool that can check for new messages in five different Gmail accounts. It sits in your system tray and verifies the mailboxes as frequent as you want.

The pop-ups can be accompanied by a sound of your choice so that you notice the alert even if you miss the visual notifications.

Spiffy Main Window - © TechNorms

The main window of Spiffy (above screenshot) shows detailed log of all activity done by Spiffy. Here we have setup a “Personal” Gmail account to be checked every 30 minutes.

Spiffy – Setup, Options & Usage:

Under the Options menu, you can set up the Gmail accounts which you would like to checked. Up to 5 accounts are supported.

Setup Your Account - © TechNorms

If you have Google Apps email, Spiffy comes equipped to handle it. Other options available include setting up a particular Gmail label to be verified as well as defining how often you want it to be checked for unread messages.

Configuration Options:

Further set up is available in the “Configuration” panel, under “Options”.  The available settings let you enable the program to start with Windows or make it go to system tray on close or when minimize button is clicked.

Spiffy-General-Setting-Window- © TechNorms

Customization Options:

Customizing the way you are alerted any unread messages in Inbox is easy. You can choose:

  • Display duration for the pop up.
  • Show the alert until the message is no longer marked as unread.
  • Audio alert can be enabled (not available as default option).
  • Control over the opacity of the main window.
  • Customize Program’s Title bar text or adjust the font type, size and color.

Mouse-Settings-Spiffy- © TechNorms

Default Notification Alert In Spiffy:

Mail Notifications - © TechNorms

Spiffy will show you the unread mail in your inbox. you can click on any mail you want to read and spiffy would open that email in your browser window.


Spiffy works as advertised and does a good job of checking multiple account emails. The various customization options let you mold it according to your preference.

The log shown in the main window records all its actions and the messages received by each account, so you will know at all times what it’s been doing.

If you need to keep a tab on multiple Gmail accounts and would like to receive timely updates about new email on your desktop, look no further, Spiffy would be a good choice.

Download Spiffy.

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