While Google stores a lot of information about you, they also give you a variety of tools to take care of data on your end. If you have a Google Account and use multiple services, Google gives you control over what to do with the data it stores. If you haven’t used the Google Data Dashboard, yet, you’re missing out on what control you truly have over the data Google has on you.

We’ll show you how to get started with the Google Data Dashboard. It’s up to you what you do with it from there.

How to use the Google Data Dashboard

If you’ve never seen the Google Data Dashboard before, navigate to

Once there, you’ll be given a brief rundown of what the Data Dashboard is.


You can then login to your Google Account.

The Google Data Dashboard is broken down into several areas for you to go through, each just as important as the one before it.

The first section deals with your account information.

(3) account

From here, you can revoke website access to your account. It’s important to go through these often, as we forget what we’ve authorized to access your Google account over time.


You can also manage your Google Account, edit your information, change your password and more.

Every section included in the Google Data Dashboard deals with another area of the information Google has on you through its various services.

You want to go through each one, carefully checking on each section to ensure your data is secure.


Chances are you will find areas of data you had no clue were being stored in your Google Accounts.

This is one of the many reasons why you want to go through this data throughout the year.


What use is the Google Data Dashboard in protecting your information and privacy?

Google gives you more control over your private information than most other websites and services out there. The Data Dashboard is just one way for you to manage it. At least twice a year, you should use the Google Data Dashboard to check what information is stored, purge data and check your privacy settings. This will keep your Google Account information in your hands and not in the hands of Google alone.