Netflix is one of our favorite ways to watch movies, documentaries on more. Whether we’re on the computer, watching through the Wii or even on our Blu Ray Player, we just love everything to do with Netflix. If you’re using Netflix on your computer, there’s a variety of ways to change its functionality.

We’re gonna show you five user scripts to use in Google Chrome or Firefox to enhance your streaming Netflix experience on your computer.

How to use Tampermonkey

In order to make these tools work, you’ll need to use Tampermonkey (in Chrome) or Greasemonkey (in Firefox). You can check out our guide on Tampermonkey here. For this guide, we’re going to use Chrome and Tampermonkey to demonstrate how we can make Netflix even better.

Five tools every Netflix streaming user must have

These five tools will change your streaming Netflix experience:

Netflix Queue Sorter


The Netflix Queue Sorter script gives you a variety of options for going through your queue easier.


This makes going through your queue easier when you’re trying to find something to watch but don’t necessarily go in numerical order of what you added. This adds great functionality to your queue, especially on larger queues where it seems impossible to find what you’re looking for on a given day.


Netflix – Show IMDB scores / ratings


The Netflix – Show IMDB scores / ratings script gives you the latest IMDB score for you to judge the merits of a particular item.


This can help decide if you want to give a movie, show or documentary a shot. It’s a valuable way to get an idea of what others think of a program and then decide if you want to invest your time by adding it to your Netflix queue.


Netflix Q Status


The Netflix Q Status script allows you to see whether or not movies or TV shows are available on Netflix when you visit movie-based websites.


If an N appears next to a title, it’s available on Netflix. If a Q appears next to a title, it’s in your queue. This script works for IMDB, Moviefone, Rotten Tomatoes, Fandango, and Metacritic.


Netflix Keyboard Shortcuts


The Netflix Keyboard Shortcuts script adds much-needed keyboard shortcuts to Netflix within your browser.


As you can see, you can do just about anything you want with these keyboard shortcuts. This adds an amazing functionality for those who can’t live without shortcuts in Windows and Chrome.


Larger Netflix Silverlight Player


The Larger Netflix Silverlight Player script increases the proportions of the Netflix playback within a browser, eliminating a lot of the black space involved in playback.


With updates to both Netflix’s playback as well as the Microsoft Silverlight Player, this script makes the proportions more even than before.

What more can you do with Netflix?

There are a variety of scripts you can use with Tampermonkey in Chrome or Greasemonkey in Firefox, as well as standalone scripts for either browser. Netflix is only what you make of it, no matter how you watch or what you watch. Whether you check out DVDs, stream online or use a device to watch, Netflix can be what you want it.