Speed is one of the most essential things many people look for in a browser no matter the device. Most computers do pretty well when it comes to speed. But what happens when it comes to other devices? Maxthon is a unique take on how a browser should be on all of your devices.

When you use a cloud-based browser, a whole lot of possibilities open up. Seamless transfer from one device to another, downloading to a cloud storage instead of a local drive and a bunch more.

Get Started

To get the full experience, you may want to download Maxthon on more than one device. For this article, a Windows computer and an Android phone are being discussed. Other platforms like iOS and Mac are also supported. Because Maxthon is cloud-based, there is not any compatibility issues between devices. There is even a portable version. Unfortunately, Linux users are left out.


Once downloaded and the setup wizard is completed, you can launch Maxthon on your computer.


The browser looks like this when you open it. It looks like a lot of other browsers, right?


What you will want to do right away is make an account. This is where you link all of the devices. You can use an email address or a phone number to register for your Maxthon Passport.


Using Maxthon

Once you have an account created, your browsing can be taken from your computer to your phone with no effort on your part. All of the tabs you have open on your computer can be seen on your phone and vice versa.


Here is how those same links appear on the Android phone.


When you are on your phone and want to switch to your computer, you can simply open your Maxthon on your computer and keep browsing and reading in the same tabs as you did on your phone. Another benefit is when you download a file, you don’t need to download it to your local drive. This means you can download a PDF to your cloud drive and access it from any of your devices as long as you are signed in.


Other features

Maxthon has some really cool built-in features. SkyNote for example is a built-in note app. Kind of like the Papercuts add-on for Google Chrome we talked about previously.


Using some of the features like Night Mode when browsing at night or the Snap feature to take screen captures all help your browsing experience.


Download Maxthon

Final words

As with any browser, there is A LOT it can do. Going over all of the specs and options would take a lot of time. The best route is to download Maxthon and play around with it a little. You’ll notice it is fast and will love the way it is the same on all of your devices. Even if it isn’t your main desktop browser, using it while mobile makes the transition from phone/tablet to your computer a snap.

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