Privacy is a big concern these days. With big companies in the news like Twitter for getting hacked and how many sites track your actions to serve you better ads, it’s no doubt people are wondering how safe they are online. Privacy Palette is an extension for Google Chrome putting all of your most needed security and privacy options in one easy to access location.

You will have access to Facebook, Twitter, your Google account and other ad and browser settings. You can choose to limit access for what you are not comfortable with. Let’s take a look at how Privacy Palette works.

Starting out

You will need to download Privacy Palette from the Chrome Web Store.

Download Privacy Palette.


Once added, you will see the red circle with a line through it icon on your New Tabs page. This is where you’ll access all of the settings.


Using Privacy Palette

When you’re ready to try out Privacy Palette, click on the red circle with a line through it. This will take you to a screen where you’ll be able to choose which settings you’d like to modify. As you can see in the picture below, everything is clearly labeled and easy to see what web-app or settings you are making adjustments to.


Have you noticed as you travel from site to site the same ads keep popping up? This is no mistake. Basically with happening is the sites are tracking your movements on the web and serving you ads based on what you are looking at were searching for. To help eliminate this, start by looking at the AdChoices tab. When clicked, the AdChoices tab will take you to websites and explain how to opt out of these types of ads on many of the major ad networks.


If you’d like to enable blocking of all advertisements, there’s a tab for that as well. What it does is checks for the Google Chrome add-on AdBlock. If AdBlock is not installed, it lets you know and gives you link to install it.


Some sites and ad networks might have access to cookies and browsing histories or the cache in your browser. Eliminating these can can only speed up your computer but also help you eliminate your online tracks. Some of the options, like these three, are just a click for you and nothing more.


Other settings like  Data Storage, Downloads and Plugin Data are also important things to clear out. The use settings are a little more generic but allow you to eliminate information might not necessarily consider erasing.


The site-specific options like Facebook will take you to the personal settings page for your account. This is super handy when you see that Facebook changed the privacy settings again and everything is wide open and anybody can see your information. This is a quick way to get to the settings you might not use all of the time.


Another good setting I bet most people don’t have turned on is the Do Not Track option in Google Chrome.


Final words

You can never be too concerned about privacy and online security. If you have ever had any of your contacts or know anybody who has, you know how horrible it can be. There is so much information we share a daily basis and don’t realize how easy it is to piece our lives together based on a few emails or Facebook updates.

Download Privacy Palette.

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