Have you ever had a folder with a lot of stuff in it on your computer, images perhaps? If you try and compress the file it’s still huge. Instead of manually making new folders, naming them and moving the files to the new folders, why not automate the process with Folder Axe.

Folder Axe is a super easy to use app letting you choose how you want to sort the files and places them min as many folders as it takes to complete the task. Let’s take a look at how this one little app can sage you enormous amounts of time. Let’s take a look at how it all works.

Download and installation

The download and installation is  pretty straight forward. Head over to the Folder Axe download page and look for the Folder Axe download. There are a couple of other apps on this page to download.


After the download and the setup wizard, you can open the app and see something like this. As you can see, the layout is easy to read and there is a lot you can do.


Using Folder Axe

The first thing you will need to do is look for a folder to split. Press the Select Folder button or past the Path of the folder into the text area.


Once you have a folder, you can start to make decisions about how you would like to split the files.


You have several choices. Each tab is a different way to split and sort the files in your selected folder. Click on the tab to see the more information about how the sort will take place. Some additional information might be needed based on your choice.


In most cases, you will probably use the amount or size sorting. When sorting by amount, you can choose how may files will be in each of the new folders. Other tabs have similar options.


When you have the settings chosen there are other things you can have the folders compressed automatically after they are created.


To help you keep things organized, the naming scheme can help save more time by naming the new folders something like “Vacation 2013” and thy will end up named something like “Vacation 2013 1”, “Vacation 2013 2” and so on.


One last thing before you split the folder, do you want to move the original files into the folders or copy them and place the copy into the new folders? Make that choice then click split.


Final words

As you can see, Folder Axe is a great app to use when dealing with a lot of different files in a single folder. The organizing possibilities are tremendous. Even using Folder Axe to sort through a miscellaneous folders and place items of a similar type (PDF, MOV, JPG, etc) in the same folder.

Download Folder Axe.

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