Lockbin is a secure method for sending and receiving emails between two people. It utilizes a high-level encryption to send files, e-mails and more securely and efficiently. While you don’t have to sign up for Lockbin to use the service, you can gain additional protection and benefits from doing so. We’ll show you how to get started with Lockbin.

Send Secure Emails with Lockbin

Install Lockbin

Head to Lockbin’s web site.


Click “Start Now.”


From here, you can fill in your e-mail details, such as address, a password for opening the e-mail, a subject and the message itself. You can even customize the message with font changes, styles, sizes and more. You can also send the message to more than one person.


You can also choose to attach files by clicking “Choose File” and adding it to the e-mail.

You will need to enter in the CAPTCHA to proceed, and depending on if you pay for the service, you can gain some additional features below that.

When ready, click “Submit.”


The e-mail and files will be encrypted and then you can give them the link to receive it. When received, they will be prompted for a password if you chose to set one. Once they enter it in, they can fully receive the e-mail and its contents.

After the retrieve the e-mail, it’ll be automatically deleted from Lockbin’s servers. Otherwise, it will be stored for up to six months before being deleted.

Lockbin is easy to use without an account and without paying for its service.

Should you pay for Lockbin?

As you can see, Lockbin offers a variety of additional services for paid accounts. They offer to paid accounts: Premium and Professional Office. Each has its perks but it may not be necessary depending on what you plan to send and receive.


How Secure are Encrypted Emails?

Encrypted e-mails are more secure than unencrypted e-mails. If someone is bound and determined to get to an e-mail, they will get to an e-mail. However, the more steps you take to protect your e-mail, the harder it is for a hacker to get at it. By taking more precautions, such as using Lockbin, you can see to it that your personal information is safe from harm.